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Advanced Digital Infrastructure With HPE GreenLake And HPE Synergy

  Greg LaBrie     Apr 04, 2023

Advanced Digital Infrastructure With HPE GreenLake And HPE Synergy

Enterprises are taking advantage of modern technology to improve customer engagement, in-house operations, cybersecurity, and in-house operations as the age of digitalization exponentially evolves. Big data analytics, AI, and edge computing have pushed IT demands higher than ever before, meaning a faster time-to-value ratio is key for success. To meet this challenge, HPE GreenLake and HPE Synergy offer organizations powerful solutions that allow them to stay digitally agile.

HPE GreenLake: Consumption-Based IT 

HPE GreenLake is revolutionizing the way corporations manage their IT infrastructure with a fully managed, on-premises cloud service. By offering an as-a-Service delivery model and consistent operations, HPE GreenLake’s expanding portfolio provides enterprises with a simplified approach to managed services.

Additionally, customers can access and manage their IT infrastructure with a suite of powerful services – from data transformation to application modernization. For example, HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity service provides hybrid IT on-premise computing through a pay-per-use, consumption-based model and offers rapid scalability through an extra capacity buffer. It also presents enterprise-grade support, bringing cloud capabilities right into businesses' operations.

HPE Synergy: Unlocking Value

HPE Synergy is an innovative platform that enables composability and flexibility, allowing users to create custom configurations for any workload. This powerful software-defined solution can be used for an array of applications from virtualization and VDI to DevOps, hybrid cloud technology, and more.

HPE Synergy is designed to accelerate time to value, unlocking revenue potential. It uses Composable Infrastructure technology to create a template-based environment that can automatically adjust resources in response to changing needs. This platform also offers an efficient and automated way to improve business productivity. It seamlessly integrates infrastructure management with other IT platforms, allowing organizations to streamline their operations while enjoying improved control of their data center – 94% of customers have reported this!

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Combined Power Of HPE GreenLake And HPE Synergy

Powered by HPE Synergy, this configuration enables you to access compute, storage, and fabric resources instantly for running applications with a seamless cloud experience modified to your organization’s needs.

By combining the power of the cloud and on-prem infrastructure, organizations can run virtually any business workload with ease. This optimal solution allows companies to maximize their value per workload, streamline management processes, and reduce costs – freeing up IT teams for critical business initiatives.

There are four key advantages to HPE GreenLake with HPE Synergy:

  • Efficiency: These solutions offer companies a powerful combination of flexibility, simplicity, and efficiency. With these tools in place, IT teams can free up time for more important tasks while achieving 41% greater productivity with their infrastructure operations.
  • Speed: With HPE GreenLake and HPE Synergy, enterprises can quickly access the IT capacity needed to launch new projects with unprecedented speed. In fact, these tools have an 80% faster time to market compared to traditional methods.
  • Control: They also offer businesses an unbeatable combination of low-latency performance, strong security measures, and reduced operational costs. With these two solutions working together, companies can enjoy 35% savings on their operations while having total control over IT systems and data protection.
  • Economics: HPE GreenLake and HPE Synergy can save up to 45% on IT resources. IT allows for the elimination of costly overprovisioning and reduces CapEx.

Final Thoughts

HPE is reinventing the way enterprises manage their digital infrastructures and optimize data center performance by providing them with cutting-edge solutions through HPE GreenLake and HPE Synergy. These services are helping corporations around the world save time, money, and resources while improving productivity.

At WEI, we are an HPE Platinum Partner and have experience helping Fortune 500 companies modernize their data centers with HPE Synergy. With our expertise and the power of GreenLake services from HPE, you can quickly deliver IT solutions that your business needs. To get started on this journey, contact us today to discuss how HPE Synergy fits into your environment.

Next Steps: While it may have taken the first pandemic in 100 years to do so, the transformational power of the cloud has finally been realized by IT leaders and end users. Deploy cloud-like services across your entire hybrid estate and attain greater flexibility in not only how you deploy and maintain technology platforms, but also in how you finance and pay for it as well. Learn more by reading our free tech brief, Integrating Cloud's Power To Your On-Prem Environment.Download Now

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Greg LaBrie

Written by Greg LaBrie

Greg LaBrie has more than 20 years of network architecture and engineering experience designing networks that exceed technical requirements, improve operational proficiency and reduce total costs of ownership. Greg holds a number of technical certifications for HPE, Cisco, Fortinet, and much more.

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