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The Big Picture Of HPE's GreenLake Cloud Service Expansion

  Greg LaBrie     Apr 05, 2022

The Big Picture of HPE's GreenLake Cloud Service ExpansionHPE has announced a significant and holistic expansion to their GreenLake cloud service that will accommodate a faster and more simplified digital transformation journey for data-first enterprises. The edge-to-cloud platform has taken “a dramatic step forward in the architecture of the platform with compute, storage and networking services all available in a unified platform.” Let’s review the highlights of this simplified cloud service expansion.

HPE GreenLake For Networking

According to FinancesOnline, “70% of organizations have a digital transformation strategy or are working on one.” Many of these same enterprises rely on their network servers to leverage new business opportunities and deliver high-quality digital experiences to customers and employees. Complex network systems and legacy hardware can make it difficult for IT to meet evolving business objectives. This is why it’s crucial for organizations to keep up with network requirements, and that’s where the HPE GreenLake expansion comes in to help by offering customers greater flexibility in building and managing their infrastructure. Whether your network is at the edge, in a public cloud, or elsewhere, GreenLake has you covered.

HPE announced eight new enterprise NaaS offerings from Aruba, specifically developed to simplify the deployment of NaaS, which will make it possible for customers to align network spend-to-usage needs:

  • Indoor Wireless as a Service
  • Outdoor Wireless as a Service
  • Remote Wireless as a Service
  • Wired Access as a Service
  • SD-Branch as a Service
  • Wired Aggregation as a Service
  • Wired Core as a Service
  • Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI)

 These eight standardized services are enhanced for channel partners to operate in network environments including wireless, wired, and SD-Branch to provide the flexibility that many organizations desire to better protect their cloud network and maximize investments.


Data Storage With HPE GreenLake

Data helps organizations operate their business models and further accelerates their progression. It is a vital principle of any modern enterprise, and why so many businesses are quickly becoming data-first in their digital transformations. Using HPE GreenLake for block storage as a service (STaaS) can advance your modernization from edge to cloud, reducing complexity that may be slowing you down.

HPE GreenLake has included file and object storage along with block storage and data protection. This provides self-service agility that can ultimately lead to new apps and services that free up IT resources, giving them more time to work on other strategic projects. Additionally, this service will help customers handle data-intensive workloads. Choosing from several storage configurations will make projects like AI and machine-learning run smoothly.

This new extension also helps hybrid clouds get backup as a service (BaaS) with HPE’s enhanced backup and recovery service. HPE GreenLake is a cost-effective approach for storing long-term backups in a public cloud as you only pay for what you consume. You can utilize the full potential of your organization’s data with a seamless cloud experience that ties everything together such as agility of cloud operations, consumption-based data services, and the ability to run any app without compromise.

The self-provisioning storage cloud services are going to provide customers the capability to do storage pricing comparisons against public cloud,” says the vice president of cloud consumption for Advizex, Joe VanPatten,If you are going to compete with public cloud, you need those self-provisioning capabilities.”

HPE GreenLake High-Performance Computing

 The high-performance compute (HPC) service of the expansion is versatile and secure. It is designed for organizations to support challenging compute and data-intensive workloads. With multi-generational IT environments being complex, the new service removes the difficulty and costs associated with traditional HPC operations. HPE GreenLake delivers pre-bundled services based on purpose-built HPC systems, software, and storage. This also applies to networking that comes in many options.

HPE’s new simplified compute option takes on the labor-intensive responsibility of configuring, installing, and operating compute resources. Your IT team can use their time focusing on more valuable projects with the help of GreenLake cloud service. It offers simplicity and efficiency by optimizing modules delivered directly to your data center or edge location.

Shifting to a cloud platform with an innovative compute foundation can help modernize data everywhere, from edge to cloud. GreenLake cloud service gives your enterprise the speed boost required for our digital-first world while also having control over costs and security of your digital transformation initiatives.

“The breakthrough new GreenLake release represents another dramatic step in HPE’s transformation into a cloud services software powerhouse,” says HPE executive Keith White. 

And he’s right. This service ultimately provides more choice and flexibility for hybrid IT environments. If it’s time to modernize your business, explore this innovative service that gives you more options for an easier operation wherever your data lives. The HPE GreenLake Cloud Service experience is available this month. Contact WEI today to enhance your hybrid cloud management.

Next Steps: As you begin preparing your enterprise for the move to the hybrid cloud, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss any critical steps. Download and read our free and informative checklist, “Preparing Your Data Center for the Hybrid Cloud” now.

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Greg LaBrie

Written by Greg LaBrie

Greg LaBrie has more than 20 years of network architecture and engineering experience designing networks that exceed technical requirements, improve operational proficiency and reduce total costs of ownership. Greg holds a number of technical certifications for HPE, Cisco, Fortinet, and much more.

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