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Unify Hybrid Cloud Deployments With Nutanix Cloud Platform

  Patrick Gamble     Apr 18, 2023

Unify Hybrid Cloud Deployments With Nutanix Cloud PlatformThere is an ongoing shift to hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure, requiring businesses to adopt agile and seamless approaches to workload management across multiple clouds. IT professionals managing enterprise and legacy applications may initially consider virtual machines for on-premise cloud solutions. However, it may be more beneficial to refactor applications using cloud-native technologies like containers, rather than relying on the lift and shift approach.

A lift and shift method may involve moving from traditional VM environments to cloud-based environments like EC2, EBS, or Azure. However, for most modern businesses, a hybrid approach is the best option. Nutanix, a pioneer in hybrid cloud infrastructure, offers a viable solution to maintain and streamline operations while meeting business needs.

Introducing The Nutanix Cloud Platform

The Nutanix Cloud Platform is a comprehensive enterprise-grade solution that allows enterprises to build a hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure and support workloads and use cases across private and public clouds. The platform is designed to simplify hybrid cloud management, reduce operational costs, and provide a consistent experience across all clouds. It delivers powerful tools and capabilities that enable IT teams to manage, orchestrate, and automate their cloud operations from a single dashboard.

In this blog post, we explore how the Nutanix Cloud Platform helps organizations accelerate value in multiple cloud environments and build a successful hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure.

Reducing Hybrid Cloud Complexity, Costs

Managing a hybrid cloud can be complicated, lengthy, and costly depending on the state of your existing IT infrastructure. Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2), an extension of the Nutanix Cloud Platform, offers a multi-cloud solution, eliminating the need for third-party cloud management. NC2 enables IT professionals to oversee their workloads in both private and public clouds through a single dashboard, streamlining administration while providing a comprehensive infrastructure view. It's primarily designed to accelerate your hybrid cloud initiative. 

NC2 also provides a range of other benefits, including:

  • Simplified Deployment: The pre-configured infrastructure is easy to deploy and can be set up in no more than one hour, allowing you to start running workloads quickly.
  • Reduced Costs: NC2 provides a portable license for your business and enables a single management system for private and public clouds, thereby reducing costs and the need for multiple management tools. No more cloud lock ins! IT also helps soften the impact of common hidden cloud costs such as:
    • Cloud instance network performance limits require larger instances
    • Egress out from cloud is greater than anticipated
    • Disk performance requires provisioned IOPS, overallocation of disk, or ultra disk
  • Improved Performance: Enable consistent performance across private and public clouds, ensuring that workloads always run at peak efficiency.

Improved Risk Management

The Nutanix Cloud Platform offers comprehensive security features such as encryption, access management, and network security to keep data safe and secure in both private and public clouds. This is crucial in light of increasing cyber threats and helps businesses manage risks in hybrid cloud operations.

Additionally, the platform automates management tasks, reducing the need for manual intervention, and ensuring a seamless and up-to-date cloud infrastructure. It also provides tools such as automation, orchestration, and workload mobility to improve efficiency and reduce downtime and costs.

Accelerating Value In The Public Cloud

The Nutanix Cloud Platform offers businesses a consistent management experience across all clouds, allowing for efficient deployment of workloads and applications. This enables companies to leverage the scalability and flexibility of public clouds without compromising performance or security. Additionally, the platform's automation and orchestration capabilities enable IT teams to optimize cloud operations, automate common tasks, and focus on strategic initiatives.

Nutanix can accelerate your public cloud journey while maintaining security and compliance standards, offering a 30% cost reduction and decreased risk compared to traditional native cloud solutions. The platform provides additional benefits, including:

  • Cloud Bursting: The Nutanix Cloud Platform allows you to quickly scale workloads to the public cloud, providing additional capacity when needed.
  • Streamlined Migration: It provides tools to simplify the migration of workloads from on-premises to the public cloud. This reduces the time and effort required to move workloads, ensuring a faster time to value.
  • Multi-Cloud Management: The platform provides a single management plane for private and public clouds, simplifying the management of workloads across multiple environments.

Final Thoughts

In a world where enterprises are driven to keep up with ever-evolving market dynamics, the Nutanix Cloud Platform provides the necessary hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure for businesses. It simplifies management and reduces operational costs while improving efficiency by aggregating private, public, and edge clouds into one control plane, thereby eradicating the need for multiple cloud solutions. Furthermore, organizations can benefit from NC2's comprehensive suite of services that emphasize agility without sacrificing security or compliance requirements.

As a Nutanix partner for over a decade, WEI specializes in pre-sales, design, architecture, deployments, and works closely with clients to ensure a seamless hybrid cloud deployment experience. By utilizing Nutanix products, businesses can achieve increased efficiency, improved visibility, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced security for their critical data. Ultimately, WEI and Nutanix make trustworthy partners for any organization seeking resilient hybrid cloud solutions.

If you’re ready to make the necessary changes to your systems, contact our account team at WEI for more information and a comprehensive hybrid cloud demonstration.

Next steps: WEI recently welcomed Nutanix Systems Engineering Director Michael Berthiaume to discuss how the Nutanix Cloud Platform can help build your hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure. He also identified how it can support workloads and use cases across private and public clouds. Here's a snippet of the conversation:


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Written by Patrick Gamble

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