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Setting The Tone for Data To Lead Innovation As A Connected CIO

  David Fafel     Dec 07, 2021

Leveraging Data to Lead Innovation As A Connected CIOIn today’s uncertain business climate, it’s critical to make sure your enterprise places itself at the forefront of innovation and leverages data effectively and efficiently to make decisions. A Connected CIO sets the tone for their team, playing a crucial role in adopting new and efficient technologies that encourage the use of data to lead innovation.

In the last year, CIOs who made digital transformation and data a top priority are now reaping the rewards of increased agility, productivity, and ongoing data-driven value. If you’re wondering how you can use data to lead innovation and become a connected leader for your enterprise, this article will provide the clarity you are seeking.

Why Using Data To Lead Innovation Is Important

Utilizing data to lead innovation is critical for enterprises that want to stay at the forefront of the data era. Embracing a data-first, data-anywhere approach as new technologies emerge is crucial for driving organizations forward, as seen in the following statistics:

  • 96% of digital leaders say their ability to collect, analyze, and act on data has made it easier to adapt and survive.
  • 91% of businesses agree that extracting valuable insights from data will be more important for their business than ever before.
  • Organizations that increased their use of digital channels to reach customers or citizens are 3.5 times more likely to be top performers than trailing ones.
  • Organizations have increased the amount of data they manage by an average of 831% since 2016.

Enterprises that access greater amounts of information can use this data to lead innovation. Being digitally connected allows your business to collect, analyze, and utilize relevant data to make informed decisions quickly.

Beyond the ability to collect and analyze information faster, the pandemic has also pushed enterprises to simultaneously face accelerated demand for a digital presence and shift work structures to a remote and hybrid environment. It’s imperative that your workforce can regularly access the data they need from anywhere. This requires modern devices and a flexible, responsive IT environment that keeps productivity, security, and cost-effectiveness a high priority.

Connected CIOs who prioritize a digital, data-driven workforce will create a long-term, sustainable strategy to ensure their teams have the right resources and devices to be productive from anywhere. By doing so, CIOs empower their workers to leverage data to lead innovation.

How Can I Use Data To Lead Innovation?

Traditional IT solutions inhibit the flow of data from where it’s gathered and stored to how it’s accessed by employees. This obstruction results in important business decisions being based on outdated and inaccurate information. When data can be accessed quickly and easily, enterprises are able to make the best decisions possible using complete and up-to-date information.

To effectively use data to lead innovation, you need modern strategies and technologies to accommodate the exploding volume of data coming from multiple locations. As a result, digital leaders have moved away from centralized data storage concepts to free their AI and ML workloads to analyze data in real-time, regardless of location.

Why CIOs Need To Set The Tone For Data To Lead Innovation

As a Connected CIO, your deeper understanding of your enterprise’s needs will enable you to use data to lead innovation. You will also be better prepared to handle new and unknown challenges. With your bird’s-eye view of the organization’s goals and processes, you can access data quickly and confidently to make swift decisions when faced with shifting business needs.

Additionally, you can guide your organization to prioritize digital transformation initiatives that improve agility, enable teams to work from anywhere, and encourage the use of data to lead innovation. As the person sitting at the top of the pyramid for your enterprise’s technology sector, you have the power to influence and encourage your team to adopt and use these new data-led initiatives.

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David Fafel

Written by David Fafel

David Fafel, Chief Architect, leads WEI’s long-term technology vision, and is responsible for spearheading development of complex solutions, architecture, as well as application development. David engages with our clients to drive technology design across datacenter environments, cloud architecture and IT strategy. David holds several technical certifications from HP, Cisco, IBM and other leading technology innovators.

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