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Intelligent And Cloud-Ready Storage Is Here

  David Fafel     Sep 28, 2023

Intelligent And Cloud-Ready Storage Is HereYour organization’s lifeblood – it’s data – will only grow in volume. IT leaders everywhere are managing mounds of it at their respective enterprise, but that doesn’t require owning expensive and complex hardware to store it. The focus shouldn't be on the intricacies of data infrastructure maintenance, but rather focusing on easy, secure, and uninterrupted access to your information. In an era where many services are consumed on-demand, your data management should be no different.

Traditional storage solutions are challenging to manage, configure, and maintain. As data grows exponentially, incorrect forecasts for storage requirements leads to over-provisioning and capacity shortfalls. Data storage’s long history features expensive TCO due to required maintenance, support, and forklift upgrades.

Fortunately, the landscape of data storage has evolved, with more options and capabilities than ever before. Leading this transformation is the built-for-cloud experience, HPE Alletra Storage solutions, formerly HPE Nimble Storage.

Intelligent Data Storage

Data powers the precious analytics your business relies on for informed decision-making. Imagine if your data storage solution were intelligent as well? Imagine if it could remove the time-consuming tasks typically assigned to your data support team. This is precisely what HPE Alletra Storage delivers:

  • Leveraging HPE InfoSight, the system proactively identifies and resolves 85% of issues before your team becomes aware of them.
  • Alletra offers a comprehensive view across the entire infrastructure, allowing it to troubleshoot issues beyond just storage.
  • Prescriptive forecasting simplifies planning by providing insights into capacity, performance, and bandwidth needs.
  • By continuously learning from its installed base, the system elevates infrastructure intelligence and reliability.

AI-driven recommendations simplify data infrastructure management by accurately identifying issues between storage and VMs while pinpointing underutilized virtual resources without the need for human intervention. By proactively resolving common issues, the need for routine support is minimized, ensuring you only engage with Level-3 support specialists when necessary. This seamless transition to higher-level support ensures efficient assistance whenever required.

Resilient and Secure

It doesn’t matter how intelligent your data storage solution may be if the data it hosts is vulnerable to a cyberattack, compromise, or hardware failure. Always-on business operations hinge on the unwavering resilience of your data storage. Here's how HPE defines resilience:

  • HPE Storage All Flash Arrays offer a compelling 99.9999% guaranteed uptime.
  • HPE’s Triple+ Parity RAID is engineered to withstand up to three simultaneous drive failures.
  • With native app-aware backup and recovery, HPE storage arrays effortlessly send snapshots to on-premises locations or to the cloud, while also integrating with top-tier backup software.

HPE Alletra provides App-granular, FIPS-certified encryption that provides data-at-rest and over-the-wire protection along with built-in data shredding. Additionally, its Role-based Access Control empowers you to specify user account access levels based on predefined roles.


Cloud Native Storage

The HPE Alletra 5000 and HPE Alletra 6000 storage arrays are built for the cloud. But what does that mean? Well, it doesn’t necessarily reside in the cloud. In fact, it sits in your own rack. Here is what HPE means by cloud-ready:

  • Saying goodbye to time-consuming LUN configurations by hand.
  • The storage arrays can be managed from anywhere through a SaaS-based interface.
  • Setup takes less than an hour. All that is required is to unpack, rack, and plug in required chords and cables. Power on and in a few clicks your new system is configured.
  • Gain access to new innovative features and enhancements as soon as they are released through self-service upgrades.

The cloud is a mode of consumption and with HPE GreenLake, you can opt for data infrastructure as a service, bypassing crippling upfront capital costs. Whether you choose a pay-per-use approach or a transparent subscription model, both pave the way for improved cash flow and heightened financial agility, ensuring IT expenditure aligns with current and future business requirements.


Lower Cost and Greater Efficiency

The HPE Alletra storage arrays offer cost savings throughout their entire product lifecycle. Beginning with swift and straightforward installation, these storage arrays quickly transition your investment to production mode. These storage arrays are engineered for accelerated performance for higher throughput or I/Os per second and sub-millisecond latencies that help ensure low latency data performance.

Additionally, data written to these arrays is efficiently compressed onto dense, capacity-optimized disks. In the case of the HPE Alletra 6000, your storage footprint could be reduced anywhere from 30-75 percent due to its higher storage efficiency. Thanks to the intuitive management interface and its integration with InfoSight, administrative overhead is minimized throughout the product's lifespan, all translating into lower costs.


Which Array Works Best For You?

In addition to the new Alletra 9000 Series, HPE Alletra offers two other very viable storage products that were formerly under the Nimble Storage umbrella: The HPE Alletra 5000 Series and the HPE Alletra 6000 Series. The 5000 is ideal for general purpose workloads such as VM farms, testing and development, or disaster recovery. For those who need a solution optimized for workloads with extreme latency and availability requirements, the 6000 is designed to deliver mission-critical reliability without sacrificing agility.

And of course, there is the 9000 Series, which offers these new capabilities:

  • Eliminate complexity by unifying infrastructure management silos under a cloud managed single pane of glass.
  • Easily manage your fleet of data infrastructure across its lifecycle with an intuitive SaaS-based user experience – accessible from anywhere and from any device.
  • Developed from the foundation of HPE Primera architecture, proven to deliver ultra-low latency with 75% of I/O within 250 μs latency.
  • Delivers performance density with All-NVMe for over 2 million IOPs in 4U. 1
  • Support for NVMe Drive Enclosures and NVMe-oF host connectivity over Fibre Channel

 As a longtime HPE partner, we are proud to showcase another example of the choice that HPE is delivering to its customers. Ultimately, HPE Alletra Storage stands as a testament to modern storage innovation, seamlessly marrying performance with simplicity, making it the ideal choice for companies looking to thrive in today's data-driven landscape.



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David Fafel

Written by David Fafel

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