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Unpacking The Eight New Standardized NaaS Offerings From Aruba

  Victor Fabian     Apr 12, 2022

Unpacking the eight new standardized NaaS offerings from ArubaNetwork as a Service (NaaS) offers many advantages for network management teams such as flexibility and increased customization. It is an important way for companies to configure their network infrastructure and allows customers to operate their own networks without the clunky hardware; all that is needed is internet connectivity. As the technology world continues its shift in the “as a service” era, this standardized NaaS offering that Aruba makes possible should come as no surprise in GreenLake’s latest expansion. It is the first standardized version of NaaS, a breakthrough for seamless cloud services. In this article we review the benefits of NaaS, the eight new enterprise NaaS offerings from Aruba, and how they can improve network application and performance management.

The Advantages Of NaaS

This spring’s groundbreaking release of the GreenLake cloud service comes at an ideal time with NaaS adoption on the rise. According to the 2022 IDC NaaS Survey, 37% of organizations across the globe have already deployed NaaS for cloud or edge use cases, and another 40% plan to deploy NaaS within the next 24 months. Given its many advantages, it’s no surprise that a large number of enterprises are utilizing NaaS. Cloud services like HPE GreenLake offer more flexibility and greater customization since changes are made to the network via software and not hardware, ultimately giving enterprises the ability to manage multiple networking domains. Additionally, NaaS makes it possible for providers to offer both networking and security services, creating a more secure network infrastructure.

Another advantage of NaaS is the improved quality of service. With enhanced network management, customers can focus on the quality of their work without being hindered by IT issues. The right NaaS partner will help you optimize your network streams, ensuring your data is getting to the cloud correctly.

NaaS is exactly what businesses need to fulfill their objectives and grow. Not only does it offer more flexibility and security, but it also reduces many IT costs. The right NaaS partner can make their digital transformation process as smooth as possible, minimizing expenses as you implement new processes and equipment. Another way costs can be reduced is through a recurring subscription-based fee that HPE GreenLake offers. You can learn more about the benefits of Aruba NaaS by reading our article that lists the six essential reasons companies should consider this type of cloud service.

Eight New NaaS Offerings From Aruba And Their Benefits

With the announcement of eight new standardized offerings from Aruba, HPE GreenLake’s NaaS package is one of the most innovative edge to cloud platforms on the market today. The offerings are:

  1. Indoor Wireless as a Service
  2. Outdoor Wireless as a Service
  3. Remote Wireless as a Service
  4. Wired Access as a Service
  5. Wired Aggregation as a Service
  6. Wired Core as a Service
  7. SD-Branch as a Service
  8. Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI)

These eight new NaaS offerings are essentially bundled packages that will enable partners to design and deliver service packages straight to the customers, allowing them to build around whichever service is needed with subscription models. This is essential for those who are looking for a networking solution aligned with their need for a flexible and dynamic network. Maintaining a network is a substantial investment for a company, so one of the biggest advantages of this opportunity is flexibility.

The new services also help improve customer satisfaction since there is a growing demand for NaaS. These offerings provide unprecedented levels of flexibility and speed, leading to an accelerated time to revenue.

The HPE GreenLake services offered by Aruba simplify the process of obtaining and implementing NaaS and allow customers to align network spend to usage needs while also ensuring the network is ready to support business objectives. When businesses apply these offerings, they will be able to ensure their network is always ready to support business goals that need to quickly adapt.

Most organizations certainly saw the need for flexibility when COVID-19 created the urgent need to support a large number of employees working from home. The necessity to constantly adapt has driven a greater interest in service options like HPE GreenLake to help enterprises with central network management and security, which are some of the key factors of NaaS.

Implementing NaaS has a variety of advantages: cutting costs, quality of service, maximizing your performance and more. If you’re looking to better your network management, contact WEI to get started.

Next Steps: Download and read our free white paper, “Why Aruba NaaS Is The Next Big Thing And Why You Need It.”

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Victor Fabian

Written by Victor Fabian

Victor Fabian is a Senior Mobility and Access Architect here at WEI. He brings with him more than a dozen certifications including Aruba’s most distinguished award AMFX #8 (Aruba Mobile First Expert), and has more than a decade of solution design experience in the VAR channel, including as an Aruba Partner Ambassador. Victor is also very active with Aruba Airheads and is recognized as an MVP Guru by the Aruba Airheads Community. Stay in touch with Victor by following him on LinkedIn and Twitter (@victorfabian_dr).

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