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Uncovering The Value Of HPE Gen10 Servers

  Kevin Wood     Oct 15, 2020

106365612_l-value-hpe-gen10-servers-minAs technology has advanced, enterprises of all sizes and from all industries have been undergoing digital transformation initiatives. However, the need for business continuity and remote access, exacerbated by the pandemic, has resulted in digital transformation programs accelerated or reprioritized as business needs have changed.

When approached successfully, digital transformation allows IT organizations to respond quickly to any business need and ensure uninterrupted access to critical data and applications for employees and customers. However, a digital transformation can only be as successful as the software and hardware that support its goals.

For that reason, choosing the correct solution is more important now than ever before. Every piece of hardware, software, application, or server must provide immediate value, and it’s IT’s job to ensure as much value is being extracted as possible.

When it comes to choosing a secure server platform, this blog takes a closer look at HPE’s Gen10 servers and uncovers a few ways customers are seeing the greatest value.

3 value expectations of HPE Gen10 servers

When designing the Gen10 series, HPE focused on delivering agility, security, and responsiveness.

With the marriage of CPU cores to memory capacity to memory bandwidth, HPE has created a design that enables enhanced performance in virtualized environments.

1. Embedded security

In terms of security, HPE included protection all the way down to the hardware through built in Silicon Root of Trust into the iLO 5 chip. In addition to providing validation of the BIOS from both the iLO 5 silicon and the AMD secure processor, the iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition license will initiate the automatic recovery of server firmware to a known good state. This ensures that IT can respond quickly in the event of a security crisis, keeping critical data safe and applications available to those that need them.  

For smaller enterprises, HPE has created flexible IT consumption models, in addition to introducing servers specifically targeted for IT teams with more modest resources. The ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus, which delivers an affordable, yet powerful, entry level server that can be customized for on0premises or for hybrid cloud possibilities is one such example.

2. Unmatched virtualization

Virtualized environments offer enterprises increased flexibility, especially during times of uncertainty. However, IT organizations can hit road blocks when it comes to predicting the density of virtual machines when environments fail to take advantage of all available CPU and memory resources.

HPE Gen10 servers are designed specifically to ensure balanced performance for virtualized environments. By ensuring consistency in memory availability, regardless of core count, HPE provides IT with increased flexibility when it comes to delivering virtualization performance.

3. HPE Gen10 servers reduce total cost of ownership

Enterprises in the midst of a digital transformation are looking to reduce costs in any way possible. HPE Gen10 servers drive down costs in several areas.

Through industry-leading memory footprint and bandwidth, HPE Gen10 Servers reduce data managements costs, while also offering significant performance gains, compared to other server options. In terms of memory configuration savings, HPE Gen10 servers allow IT organization to achieve higher memory capacities using smaller DIMMs, which massively reduces overall cost.

HPE and WEI are your digital transformation partners

Enterprises who have yet to begin digital transformation are undoubtedly looking ahead to when they can start, and by utilizing HPE Gen10 servers, enterprises can be assured they are choosing hardware that can modernize their IT infrastructure and offer the flexibility they need, without breaking the bank. WEI is an HPE Platinum partner and our 20+ years’ experience working with (and evolving with) HPE infrastructure solutions you re in the best hands possible. We can help you identify opportunities across your infrastructure to introduce HPE Gen10 servers; or if you’re an HPE shop, we can help you with a migration and upgrade plan that fits your environment and provides the business outcomes your business demands.

Are you interested in learning more about HPE Gen10 servers?

As a global, edge-to-cloud platform-as-a-service company, HPE is helping enterprises across the globe transform their businesses. Through intelligently designed solutions that ensure long-term sustainability for IT, including the entire Gen10 server portfolio, enterprises can make changes that ensure business success. Contact the HPE experts at WEI today to start a discussion and ask us for a demo of HPE Gen10 servers.

NEXT STEPS: Go ‘under the hood’ of an HPE Gen10 server with WEI solution architect Jay Cardin in this episode of Real Tech with WEI. Watch below.

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Kevin Wood

Written by Kevin Wood

Kevin Wood is a Solutions Architect here at WEI. He holds more than 20 industry certifications from companies like HPE, Cisco, VMware, and Microsoft. Kevin’s specialty is architecting storage solutions that support our client’s business needs for now and in the future, and offers practical know-how when it comes to cloud storage and cloud security. Stay in the loop on the evolution of enterprise storage strategies and trends by connecting with him on LinkedIn.

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