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Transform Your Digital Workspace with VMware Workspace ONE

  Greg LaBrie     Jul 21, 2020

102995262_l-vmware-workspaceone-min (1)Technology continues to revolutionize the workplace and enterprises are constantly adapting to ensure employees have the tools they need to succeed. Similarly, IT leaders are also adapting and looking for new ways to stay on top of security, data management and other tasks, while also dealing with the unique complications that come with digital workspaces.

These complications, which include device management and security, must be addressed directly by any digital workspace solution. Ensuring smooth employee experiences and application access is also a must.

VMware Workspace ONE, an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform, offers enterprises an easy way to create the ideal digital workspace environment for your enterprise, while also prioritizing employee experience.

What are the essentials for a digital workspace?

Any good digital workspace platform should prioritize the aspects that most directly address common workspace issues, while also providing the flexibility needed for specific enterprise requirements.

First and foremost, employee experience should always be the number one priority. A digital workspace platform that is cumbersome to use or causes unneeded stress for its users will not be well-accepted by employees, which leads to long-term problems and productivity reductions.

Beyond ensuring the productivity of your employees, prioritizing user experience also benefits IT. By creating an optimized experience for users, a good digital workspace platform creates trust between employees and IT, reducing the risk of users rejecting updates or changes to the system, and making IT’s job easier in the long run.

Also playing into employee experience is the next critical requirement for digital workspaces, which is application availability. This also contributed to business productivity. By ensuring that all applications are available to users, when and how they need them, employees are able to focus entirely on their workloads.

Device management, and the flexibility for employees to bring their own devices, is next on the list of important requirements for digital workspaces. For IT, the ability to effectively manage and administer every device connected to the network is imperative to business continuity and security. Overall security, another critical aspect of digital workspaces, is improved by accurate data insights, allowing IT to spot gaps in security and make changes to rectify the problem before it grows.

However, all of these pieces create an increasingly complex puzzle, often adding to the burden IT already carries. That’s why the best digital workspace platforms also include automation, whether for onboarding employees or devices, deploying apps, applying updates or other processes. This helps keep operational costs low and fills gaps that could otherwise pop up from human error or inconsistency.

How VMware workspace ONE is changing the game

For enterprises in the midst of digital transformation or those contemplating digital workspace platforms, VMware Workspace ONE can help along the way.

Featuring password-less access to all apps, data security and endpoint compliance, real-time app delivery and automation, unified endpoint management and much more, Workspace ONE is backed by VMware’s industry-leading end-user computing technologies. These features help IT deliver and administer applications throughout the app lifecycle and across the network, simply and securely.

The platform, which is powered by VMware AirWatch technology, also features zero trust conditional access control to ensure security for users, apps and endpoints. Data loss prevention policies, traffic encryption and authentication, and micro-segmentation through VMware NSX, offer additional layers of protection, ensuring that enterprise data stays safe and preventing costly downtime situations.

By choosing Workspace ONE as your digital workspace platform, enterprises can accelerate their digital transformations, while also reducing costs and easing the burden on IT.

Ready to learn more about VMware Workspace ONE?

VMware Workspace ONE is built to help enterprises deliver and manage any app on any device, while also providing comprehensive security and automation, keeping costs low and freeing up IT for more complex projects. Regardless of size, scope and industry, Workspace ONE can help any enterprise deliver a digital workspace that will allow employees to be at their best and move businesses forward.

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Greg LaBrie

Written by Greg LaBrie

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