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Surprise – Apple Devices are the New Office Work Horses

  David Fafel     May 21, 2019

shutterstock_398196640-apple-devicesThere are few personnel positions in your organization that don’t interact with technology. That means that your users need some type of device to work with to access the applications, data and communication tools they need to do their job. But what type of device is best? Put aside any premonitions you might have concerning any of the client platforms available today and let’s imagine what qualities the perfect business work device must include today.

  • It needs to be intuitive and simple to use, thus improving user productivity and enabling creativity
  • It needs to be enterprise-grade with ample resources to operate at the speed of business
  • It needs to be fully compatible with all major enterprise applications today
  • It needs to be durable and rugged in order to reduce down time and support tickets
  • It needs to be a device that users openly embrace and enjoy using
  • It needs to be easy to be easy to distribute to employees through zero-touch deployment
  • It needs to have the ability to centrally manage it and deliver configuration settings


Now serving 1.3 billion devices

Another factor that goes into the decision process concerning work device selection is aversion to risk. Many companies like to go with a recognized proven leader rather than take a chance on the “new must have device” that may fade away before its product cycle is even complete. So what device platform fulfills all of the requirements listed above and is globally recognized for its stellar reputation? 

There’s only one answer – Apple!

Yes, Apple, the company that hit a milestone early in 2018 of 1.3 billion devices across the world.  It has matured and expanded to become America’s favorite company, with 64 percent of Americans owning some type of Apple device.  But we’re not just talking consumer products.  Apple has quietly been growing to become a dominant force in the enterprise in the past five years.  In fact, 100% of Fortune 500 companies use iOS on their networks.

The choice of Apple should be no surprise

Surprised? You shouldn’t be when you consider everything. Due to the intense global competition throughout all industries today, it is no secret that companies need to keep costs down. But the purchase price is only a small part of the cost of sustaining a device throughout its product life cycle. While there are certainly lower cost alternatives available in the market today, the value of these products often depreciate rapidly due to reliability issues. Your users are greatly familiar with their Apple products at home, they don’t have to endure learning curves or call the help desk for basic interoperability issues, thus reducing support costs. In fact, the seamless continuity of Apple products extends across their product line as work can be handed off from device to device, from a Mac to an iPhone, allowing for inspiration and momentum to continue unabated. This fluid nature of Apple products helps to support creativity whenever and wherever it may come to fruition. Apple products aren’t built to just accommodate users, they are built to inspire them, and it is inspiration that creates the ideas that drive businesses today. 

A survey done in 2015 shows the value that enterprises recognize when transitioning to Apple products:

  • 32 percent experienced fewer calls to IT
  • 31 percent cited reduced training levels for their employees in how they use technology
  • 23 percent experienced longer and cheaper upgrade cycles
  • 16 percent reduced overall IT spending while 14 percent reduced spending on equipment


Apple products are all about flexibility and manageability

Apple products don’t limit you to just native applications today. Whether your organization depends on Microsoft Exchange, O365 or Google G-Suite, your users can communicate as seamlessly as they do with other device platforms. You can also work with your files regardless of whether they are stored on file shares or cloud storage services such as OneDrive, DropBox or Google Drive. Apple migration doesn’t constitute sacrificing your necessary applications and services.

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To be considered enterprise ready, a device must be able to be deployed quickly and be designed for centrally manageability. The recent rebranding of Apple Business Manager clearly shows Apple’s firm commitment to serving the enterprise workforce. Apple Business Manager (ABM automates the deployment of your devices and applications and integrates with all of the major mobile device management (MDM) solutions today. Migrating to Apple products is as simple as going to deploy.apple.com, which gives you granular access control to accommodate admin delegation for devices. Just like our products, the Apple Business portal is simple and intuitive, allowing for your IT personnel to get to work from the day you are ready.  

Apple products are about creating “aha moments.” Many internal IT departments are experiencing the same when they consider everything that Apple products bring to the work place. Your users already love their Apple products. Have them bring that level of adulation into the office as well, because Apple is ready to work for you. 

Discover more about this topic in our Real Tech with WEI video below: 

Real Tech with WEI Apple Enterprise

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David Fafel

Written by David Fafel

David Fafel, Chief Architect, leads WEI’s long-term technology vision, and is responsible for spearheading development of complex solutions, architecture, as well as application development. David engages with our clients to drive technology design across datacenter environments, cloud architecture and IT strategy. David holds several technical certifications from HP, Cisco, IBM and other leading technology innovators.

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