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How HPE Primera's All-In-One Solution Transforms Your Data Storage Game

  Greg LaBrie     Oct 24, 2023

HPE Primera’s comprehensive storage solution ensures mission-critical data center and application support with unmatched reliability, performance, and security.Picture yourself as the proud owner of a classic car, a vintage beauty you've painstakingly restored with a significant investment of resources. It's more than just a car; it's a symbol of your dedication. Data, like your classic car, is a business’s most valuable asset. Just as you wouldn't leave the car exposed to the elements, you need to securely store and protect your organization’s information. 

You wouldn’t just throw a tarp over your precious vehicle. You would place it out of the elements, away from opportunists who might see your car as an easy steal. Managing and maintaining mission-critical applications demands that same level of care and protection for your data. This is where HPE Primera comes to the rescue.

Unmatched Data Storage And Performance

When looking for a data storage solution, your enterprise needs to prioritize operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. HPE Primera stands out by offering cloud-like agility, unified data management, and new standards for resiliency and performance in an enterprise storage solution. It possesses a set of features well-suited for the modern data center environment, such as:

  1. Extreme Resiliency

HPE Primera provides a 100% Availability Guarantee to ensure your data's constant accessibility. Think of it like an easy-to-operate and reliable garage for your classic car. With automatic weekly updates and upgrades, downtime is minimal, and your data stays secure and intact.

  1. Intelligent Operations

Investing in a vintage car demands a garage capable of proactive issue resolution. HPE Primera, powered by HPE InfoSight, an AI-driven intelligence platform, excels in this regard by resolving storage problems in real-time. This, in turn, reduces workloads and eliminates human errors to ensure continuous data safety.

Additionally, the HPE Primera OS offers advanced data services with simplicity and enhanced resiliency for mission-critical applications. Unlike monolithic operating systems (OS) that pose upgrade risks and necessitate node reboots, HPE Primera utilizes a services-centric OS which allows for independent deployment, upgrading, and restarting of each data service.

  1. Timeless And Cost-Efficient Storage

HPE Primera provides guaranteed data reduction ratios at a flat support price, with a technology refresh every three years. This eliminates the need for costly upgrades and ensures businesses benefit from updated data storage technology.

  1. Scalable Architecture

HPE Primera's modular design offers flexibility and customization for modern businesses. It seamlessly scales to meet evolving requirements, just as your garage flexes to store more tools that contribute to maintaining your car collection.

Its container-based architecture offers:

  • Streamlined multi-node configurations and provisioning.
  • Effective management of both traditional and next-generation applications.

As a result, these guarantee a seamless I/O for predictable performance and low latency.

  1. Hybrid Cloud Capabilities

HPE Primera is equipped with the following features to manage and migrate various workloads, including:

  • Seamless integration and mobility of mission-critical apps (such as SAP HANA, VMWare, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server) to primary, secondary, and private/public cloud tiers like AWS, Scality, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.
  • Fast data recovery. Businesses can restore data in mere seconds, rather than minutes or hours.
  1. Security

HPE Primera prioritizes data privacy and compliance. By default, it encrypts your data and employs tamper-evident security measures to maintain data integrity. This system not only secures your data, but also actively detects and alerts you to any unauthorized access or tampering attempts.

  1. Green Storage Solution

HPE Primera is not just a high-performance garage. With its Energy Star certification, the appliance operates with minimal carbon footprint and has lower cooling costs than other Tier 0 storage solutions.

Final Thoughts

As the volume of data continues to grow, managing and maintaining mission-critical applications for your business requires high-performing and resilient storage solutions. HPE Primera is a comprehensive service that seamlessly combines cloud storage's agility with high-end storage system performance and security.

This intelligent choice is perfect for businesses seeking efficient and reliable storage solutions. Whether you require a platform for intensive applications, hybrid cloud capabilities, data privacy, or energy efficiency, HPE Primera has you covered. Contact the storage experts at WEI and take the first step to secure your data and unlock your business's full potential.

Next steps: In the meantime, download our free tech brief, HPE GreenLake Provides The Full spectrum Of HPE Solutions.


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Greg LaBrie

Written by Greg LaBrie

Greg LaBrie has more than 20 years of network architecture and engineering experience designing networks that exceed technical requirements, improve operational proficiency and reduce total costs of ownership. Greg holds a number of technical certifications for HPE, Cisco, Fortinet, and much more.

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