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8 Reasons Why Cisco DNA Center Is The Future Of Network Management

  Josh Cronin     Mar 28, 2023

8 Reasons Why Cisco DNA Center Is The Future Of Network ManagementWith so much to offer, Cisco DNA Center is the ultimate network management platform for any enterprise. This all-inclusive solution provides users with a variety of tools that integrate into their networks and enable functions such as automation, virtualization, and security. Additionally, it helps simplify complex hybrid architectures across multiple campuses or remote branches while also providing connectivity solutions for IoT devices. By utilizing this sophisticated system at its core, businesses have access to an unprecedented level of control over their digital infrastructure. Keep reading to discover this solution’s eight key benefits and how it solves network challenges for your business.

  1. Automate Workflows

Cisco DNA Center is a powerful tool that helps businesses streamline their operations and automate workflows across multiple domains. In 2022, 72% of network activities were less than 25% automated. Automation is a crucial part of network management because it eliminates human error from the equation and ensures uniform configurations for increased security. Automation also allows resources to be deployed quickly in response to real-time demand.

  1. Intent-Based Networking (IBN)

With an ever-increasing number of users, devices, and applications, network management is complex. To make this easier to manage in terms of business goals, DNA Center with IBN brings together a controller-led approach that captures these objectives for automated policies across the network. This system then continuously monitors performance levels against desired outcomes so any problems can be corrected quickly before they cause disruption.

  1. Cisco DNA Center Is An Inclusive Platform

This network management solution is an open platform that serves as the foundation for digital network architecture. This tool not only supports current Cisco components such as routers and switches, but also works with third-party devices through its multi-vendor software development kits and integrates with other management tools, via an API structure.

  1. Total Visibility With The Cisco DNA Center Dashboard

DNA Center is the essential hub for managing modern, hybrid networks. It provides IT administrators with a comprehensive dashboard that includes features for:

  • Application 360
  • Device 360
  • Client 360

These capabilities enable administrators to gain visibility into network performance while quickly isolating any issues from application problems – ensuring an optimal end-user experience. Plus, the granular information Cisco provides help with troubleshooting at every level.

  1. Improve Performance And Deployment Time

With Cisco DNA Center and its automation capabilities, AIOps is now achievable for managing networks. Organizations may take advantage of the available, integrated SD-WAN tools to quickly deploy remote branches without being onsite. Plus, enterprises gain increased visibility and build resiliency into operations which makes life easier for IT teams, users, and businesses alike.

  1. Smarter Network Performance Solutions

Cisco DNA Center leverages AI and ML to provide predictive insights into network performance, so businesses can stay ahead of user behavior, application requirements, and operational needs. With these powerful predictions in hand, network administrators can identify issues quickly and solve them efficiently while improving the end-user’s experience on the network.

  1. Boost In Security

In today's world, cybersecurity is an essential part of any network management solution. Cisco’s platform provides a secure and intelligent intent-based network with real-time threat detection by transforming all your devices into sensors that monitor for suspicious traffic patterns and behavioral anomalies. Not only does this increase security, but it also reduces vulnerabilities to improve overall posture across the digital enterprise.

What’s not to like with Cisco DNA Center’s advanced persistent threat detection, day-zero malware discovery, and encryption capabilities? Multilayered machine learning combined with the power of ISE and Stealthwatch ensures complete network coverage for trusted access control everywhere.

  1. Cutting Costs

Cisco DNA Center is the perfect solution for businesses to reach their highest potential – providing streamlined operations and cost reductions through automation, and efficiency. This powerful tool enables companies to optimize performance, complexity, threats, and labor costs to save money each day and maximize efficiency.


The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that we must be prepared for unexpected disruptions to our networks. To stay ahead of the curve, it is essential to develop strong business resilience and prioritize new network capabilities enabled by automation and AI insights from platforms like Cisco DNA Center. If you would like assistance in managing your network, contact WEI anytime and we can get started.

Next Steps: You can learn more about how Cisco can transform your network into an intention-based unified fabric that not only furthers the scalability, agility, and performance of your network, but your business objectives as well. Take a closer look at this stunning tool in our white paper, 5 Reasons Why Enterprise Networks Need Cisco DNA Center.

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Josh Cronin

Written by Josh Cronin

Josh Cronin, Presales Engineer at WEI, provides technical guidance and system design consultation for our customers during the presales process. Josh’s areas of expertise include converged and hyperconverged infrastructure, virtualization, and the software defined technologies that make up the SDDC. Josh holds several certifications from Cisco and VMware.

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