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The Benefits Of Cisco DNA Center For Intent-Based Networking

  Josh Cronin     Feb 23, 2021

Cisco-DNA-Center-intent-based-networking-IBN-benefitsIn today’s technology-focused world, the foundation of a business’ digital presence is its network. From the top executives to the newest intern, your enterprise and the people that work with you depend on your network to do business. If your network performance isn’t providing the connectivity and bandwidth your employees need to be productive, your business will suffer.

For this reason, many enterprises have turned to intent-based networking (IBN), which offers the adaptability, fluidity, and agility enterprises need to be successful. Instead of depending on continuous intervention by administrators, IBN relies on proactive and predictive analytics software that helps plan, design, and automatically implement changes on the fly in accordance with the changing circumstances at hand.

While software defined networking and other technologies have already reduced the complexity of network administration to some degree, IBN takes it to the next level, and though orchestrated control and machine learning, IBN can automate time-consuming and repetitive administrative tasks.

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For IT, this means less time devoted to keeping the network running as it should and more time to devote to innovation and strategic initiatives.

So how can enterprises get started with IBN? With Cisco DNA Center.

What is Cisco DNA center?

Cisco DNA Center sits at the core of Cisco’s IBN system. It offers an intent-based platform for IT and business applications that streamlines network operations and assures required reliability and performance levels. Through its single point of management, Cisco DNA Center offers administrators access throughout the network and the ability to distribute policies and manage workflows, regardless of location.

The solution is comprised of three primary aspects:

  1. Automation – With controller-based automation, Cisco DNA Center simplifies the design, provisioning, and configuration management of your entire network.
  2. Policies – A built-in policy-based dashboard offers administrators intuitive workflows and the ability to drag-and-drop tasks to set policies for categories including users, devices, and applications.
  3. Analytics – Cisco DNA Center’s intelligent analytics pull data from across the network, including contextual data, which is then used to enable automated adaptability efforts in response to changing network environments.

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5 Things to Know about IBN with Cisco DNA Center


Why choose Cisco?

While there are multiple IBN solutions available on the market today, Cisco (a veteran leader in networking technologies for enterprise companies) continues to pave the way as a leader in IBN technologies.

Only Cisco offers an open, extensible platform, which allows enterprises to customize the network and build the applications needed for improved productivity and IT efficiency. Cisco DNA Center also provides open APIs and a variety of third-party integrations to keep the network flexible to your specific needs.

With Cisco DNA Analytics and Assurance, your network can learn, adapt, and troubleshoot problems even before they happen. Built in automation simplifies network management by automatically applying the right policy in the right place, all through a centralized dashboard. For IT, this means networks can now be deployed in minutes, with policy-driven provisioning and guided remediation.

In terms of security, Cisco DNA Center integrates with Cisco Stealthwatch, which offers agentless, end-to-end network traffic monitoring. Cisco DNA Center’s scalable visibility and security analytics also offer simplified segmentation modeling and advanced threat detection, further securing your network from cyberattacks.

An additional benefit offered by Cisco DNA Center is integration with Cisco Services, which simplifies the purchase and implementation of new technologies. This is especially beneficial for enterprises in the midst of digital transformation efforts, but offers advantages for any enterprise as technology continues to advance and newer solutions are integrated into the network.

There’s no better time to get started with IBN

The speed of business is only increasing, and enterprises are adopting new technologies at a faster pace than ever before to keep up. The digital footprint of the enterprise and the number of connected devices is also increasing. All this combined means IT can no longer manually administer the network and a better solution must be utilized.

Through IBN, enterprises can build a strong foundation for all digital efforts, and Cisco DNA Center is the solution that makes it simple.

Are you interested in Cisco DNA center?

As a leader in intend-based networking, Cisco is helping enterprises around the world take control of their networks and simplify the management process. While other network solutions can offer speed and power, it means nothing if its not built with the right intent behind it. Cisco DNA Center delivers the intend-based networking solution today’s enterprises need to be successful.

Next Steps: Is your network holding you back? The speed and proficiency of your network correlates with your company’s velocity to evolve and compete today. 

You need more than a fast network; you need an intent based network. That is what Cisco DNA Center delivers.

Take a closer look at Cisco DNA Center in our white paper below, “Make Your Network Work For You With Cisco DNA Center.

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Josh Cronin

Written by Josh Cronin

Josh Cronin, Presales Engineer at WEI, provides technical guidance and system design consultation for our customers during the presales process. Josh’s areas of expertise include converged and hyperconverged infrastructure, virtualization, and the software defined technologies that make up the SDDC. Josh holds several certifications from Cisco and VMware.

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