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3 Ways Cloud Computing Aids In Reaching ESG Goals

  David Fafel     Feb 01, 2022

Discover how Dell APEX can help your enterprise align its IT processes with your ESG goals. More than ever, enterprises are under pressure to not only ensure that business objectives are being met but that they are also doing so with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) in mind. In fact, 58% of CEOs say their stakeholders and customers demand more transparency when reporting on their ESG goals. With this increased pressure to put environmental and sustainability initiatives in the spotlight, IT executives are looking to the cloud to meet business needs while decreasing their impact on the environment. The cloud not only provides the agility and speed to make decisions and move forward in your digital transformation goals but also aids in reaching your sustainability goals. Keep reading for three ways the cloud can help you meet your enterprise’s ESG goals.

3 Ways The Cloud Helps With ESG Goals

  1. Green Equipment

In the early days of cloud computing, many were concerned that the new pieces of equipment needed to support the cloud were going to consume a large amount of energy. What has been discovered, however, is that even with the increase in data output, the amount of energy used to get that information is considerably lower in comparison to the legacy equipment. This is due to machines that are created with the world’s best sustainable and energy-saving technologies.

  1. Recycle and Reuse

Legacy technology requires data centers full of equipment that consume large amounts of electricity. While a change in technology historically would result in a large amount of electronic waste by requiring new equipment, with the help of Dell Technologies APEX you can breathe new life into what you already have. This reduces the amount of waste going to the landfills and saves you from needing to purchase additional pieces of costly equipment, overall helping to align your budget and equipment with your ESG objectives.

  1. Green Data

Being environmentally conscious goes beyond recycling and reusing physical equipment. Believe it or not, the data you gain access to through your cloud solutions will also aid in your ESG goals. By using edge and cloud computing for your enterprise, you have access to large quantities of highly valuable data at your fingertips in real-time. This enables you to reduce the time, energy, and resources spent on gathering and analyzing information. It also allows you to adjust your enterprise’s processes and procedures to better align with your ESG goals.

How Dell Technologies Can Help Your ESG Goals

As a founding member of the Circular Electronics Partnership, Dell Technologies’ goal is to get the most out of electronic components, products, and materials. They are committed to recycling and reusing at least one piece of equipment for every product they sell to maximize full lifecycles and use safe, ethical labor practices. After you migrate to the cloud, let Dell Technologies give your equipment a fresh lease on life by refurbishing and reusing them in new ways. In 2021 alone, Dell Technologies was able to gather and use over 27 million pounds of recycled pieces in their equipment to create a more sustainable and environmentally conscious product!

Beyond recycling legacy equipment, you’re also choosing a green cloud solution that will provide sustainable growth for your enterprise for years to come. With Dell APEX, you decide how and where to run your IT operations. You have the flexibility to select which work sites will have the smallest impact on the environment and can allow for data storage and access off-site.

If you’re ready to take your ESG goals to the next level with Dell’s APEX cloud solution, contact WEI today to get started.

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David Fafel

Written by David Fafel

David Fafel, Chief Architect, leads WEI’s long-term technology vision, and is responsible for spearheading development of complex solutions, architecture, as well as application development. David engages with our clients to drive technology design across datacenter environments, cloud architecture and IT strategy. David holds several technical certifications from HP, Cisco, IBM and other leading technology innovators.

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