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Why Cisco Secure Firewall Is Your Best Choice For Network Security

  Josh Cronin     Aug 22, 2023


Stay ahead of evolving network security threats with Cisco Secure Firewall, a smart step towards a stronger and more flexible network security system.As the world moves towards a digital future, network security is more important than ever. In an ideal network infrastructure setting, a single firewall would be enough to protect business assets from external threats. However, as technology progresses and attackers become more advanced, these security measures need to evolve in depth and flexibility.

Imagine a medieval kingdom facing a dragon that could fly over walls and burrow deep underground. To fight it off, the king devises a new strategy: Instead of relying solely on their stationary walls, he extended their defense measures throughout the kingdom. They fortified villages, erected watchtowers, and armed every citizen. The entire realm became an extension of the fortress, where each element worked in harmony to repel threats from every direction. Today’s network security strategies must work in unison as well. As a side note, a fire-breathing dragon would make for a cool office attraction. Maybe we’ll write an article about that someday…

Evolving Network Security Measures

In mirroring the narrative above, the evolution of network security means traditional firewalls fall short in the digital arms race, and IT teams are coming up with strategies to fortify their defenses. Moreover, modern applications span cloud and on-premises platforms which require secure access from anywhere. The single perimeter concept from way back has now shifted to micro-perimeters that need tailored security. Now, applications serve as perimeters, and firewalls encompass physical, virtual, and cloud-native forms.

Managing this new framework poses challenges. While the goal is to deploy strong network security, ensuring steady and consistent resiliency and policy enforcement across this setup is a hurdle businesses commonly face.

Your Guide To Modern Firewall Solutions

To navigate this complex terrain, our team has identified five essential tips for choosing a firewall solution that will help transform your entire network into an extension of your security architecture:

  1. Think Beyond The Edge: Firewalls once stood at network edges, but networks have changed. Now, policies are enforced universally using smart control points. This strategy deploys security controls widely, gathering context for enhanced threat visibility and meeting security needs.
  2. Embrace Superior Threat Protection: Choose a firewall with excellent visibility and advanced threat defense. Detect and halt threats swiftly across users, networks, and infrastructure. Use continuous analysis and endpoint security integration to preempt potential risks.
  3. Transition To The Cloud: Move away from traditional firewalls and invest in cloud-based management for hassle-free, robust security. Streamline control, visibility, and policy enforcement across diverse environments, safeguarding both traditional and cloud networks, as well as endpoints and applications.
  4. Utilize An Open Security Ecosystem: Integrate your firewall with Cisco SecureX, an open security platform. Streamline policies and threat correlation across networks, endpoints, and workloads for more effective security management.
  5. Choose a Reliable Partner: This tip is easier said than done, as our team frequently comes in to clean up a mess a client unknowingly got itself into. Identifying a solutions vendor that goes beyond a product and collaborates to secure your network is an obvious step, but knowing which technology partner to work with in guiding this process is another. Prioritize ongoing support, updates, and expertise. Lean on Cisco and WEI’s technical expertise and dedication to enhance your network security.

Meet The Cisco Secure Firewall Portfolio

A Cisco Secure Firewall is more than hardware or software; it's a strategic move toward a more resilient and adaptable security architecture. Here are the service’s key features that make it a superior choice for safeguarding your network:

  1. Comprehensive Protection: Choose a firewall that offers holistic security, safeguarding your entire network, not just its perimeter. Cisco Secure Firewall excels here, defending against a spectrum of threats like malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.
  2. Scalability: As your business grows, your network security needs will too. The firewall you choose should be able to scale with your business, providing consistent protection even as your network expands.
  3. Visibility And Control: The best firewalls provide thorough network visibility, enabling traffic monitoring, anomaly detection, and swift threat response. Look for a solution that provides granular control over your network's security.
  4. Ease Of Use: Avoid security risks tied to complex, challenging firewalls. Opt for an easily manageable solution like Cisco Secure Firewall with its user-friendly interface and array of automation tools.
  5. Integration Capabilities: Ensure your firewall integrates smoothly with other security solutions. This creates a unified defense architecture against sophisticated, evolving threats.

Final Thoughts

While it would be a great Netflix feature,, your organization no longer needs to manually build fortresses to defend against scaly, fire-breathing threats. Cisco Secure Firewall provides robust hybrid network security that seamlessly integrates with tools like Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Web Security. This ensures comprehensive data, application, and user protection for your business.

Offering deep visibility, modern control capabilities, and seamless integration, Cisco is the premium network security partner to fortify your digital environment. Contact one of our many WEI experts today to learn how we can help you secure your network and ensure business continuity.


Next Steps: You can learn more about how Cisco can transform your network into an intention-based unified fabric that not only furthers the scalability, agility, and performance of your network, but your business objectives as well. Take a closer look at this stunning tool in our white paper, 5 Reasons Why Enterprise Networks Need Cisco DNA Center.

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Josh Cronin

Written by Josh Cronin

Josh Cronin, Presales Engineer at WEI, provides technical guidance and system design consultation for our customers during the presales process. Josh’s areas of expertise include converged and hyperconverged infrastructure, virtualization, and the software defined technologies that make up the SDDC. Josh holds several certifications from Cisco and VMware.

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