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Streamlining Critical Operations With WEI's Staff Augmentation

  Greg Palmer     May 07, 2024

Streamlining Critical Operations With WEI's Staff AugmentationConsider the impact that the addition or subtraction of key players can have on a professional sports team; offensive and defensive schemes dependent on a particular skill set can be compromised with each personnel change. Similarly, in the rapidly evolving fields of IT and telecommunications, the departure of a seasoned IT professional can significantly disrupt operations, particularly when it involves the loss of specialized expertise.

Sometimes, the critical importance of specialized roles such as that of an Avaya Administrator becomes evident only after the incumbent’s departure. This realization struck a major northeastern insurance company when a key Avaya Administrator, with over 40 years of experience, announced their impending retirement by year's end.

This blog delves into how WEI’s staff augmentation services not only addressed the company’s immediate need but also fostered a partnership that exemplified agility, expertise, and the profound impact of timely personnel reinforcement.

The Challenge: A Critical Expertise Gap

The departure of the Avaya Administrator, a key expert in managing various versions of Avaya platforms and providing Level 2 and Level 3 support, would leave a significant void for the insurance company. The urgency of the situation was further amplified by the need for the new hire to work alongside the outgoing employee to ensure a smooth transition. This overlap was crucial to maintain uninterrupted support for two of the customer’s business units, each reliant on different versions of the Avaya platform. With no suitable internal candidates to fill the role, the client turned to WEI, a trusted partner with whom they had successfully collaborated on numerous occasions to hire skilled contractors, including network engineers.

The Solution: Swift and Strategic Staff Augmentation

Recognizing the urgency and specificity of the customer’s requirements, WEI's team sprang into action. Meeting with the hiring manager promptly to grasp the intricacies of the role, WEI quickly mobilized its resources. Leveraging its extensive network and expertise in staff augmentation, WEI was able to introduce several candidates who matched the specific skill set required – expertise in various series of Avaya, PBX experience, and the capability to provide L2 and L3 support.

The turnaround was swift. Within 24 hours of assessing the customer's requirements, WEI presented suitable candidates to the hiring manager. Interviews were conducted the following day with both the hiring manager and the departing Avaya Administrator, showcasing WEI's commitment to a quick turnaround and ensuring a cultural and technical fit for the client.

By week's end, the onboarding process for the selected candidate was finalized, allowing them to start work the following week. This rapid response and seamless integration exemplify WEI’s efficiency in staff augmentation, ensuring that the transition period was utilized effectively for training and knowledge transfer.


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The Outcome: Beyond Expectations

Initially contracted for a 3-month term, the WEI contractor's performance proved exemplary, leading the client to extend their contract for an additional 6 months. This extension underscores the contractor's crucial role in the company and the value brought by WEI's staff augmentation services. The ability to swiftly adapt and address specific client needs, especially in critical situations, marks WEI’s service as indispensable for businesses seeking to mitigate potential disruptions and maintain operational excellence.

The WEI Advantage

This successful engagement with our customer highlights several key advantages of partnering with WEI for staff augmentation needs:

  • Rapid Response: WEI’s ability to quickly understand client needs and mobilize suitable candidates ensures minimal disruption to operations.
  • Expert Matching: The precision in matching the skill sets and experience required by the client demonstrates WEI’s deep understanding of the IT and telecommunications domain.
  • Flexibility: The extension of the contractor’s term illustrates the adaptability of WEI’s staffing solutions, tailored to meet the evolving needs of clients.
  • Seamless Integration: The effective onboarding and transition process facilitated by WEI ensures seamless business operations during personnel changes.

Solution Brief: WEI IT Staffing Solutions

Partnering for Success

The customer’s experience with WEI’s staff augmentation services is a testament to the power of strategic partnership in navigating the challenges of today’s fast-paced business environment. By turning a potential operational setback into an opportunity for smooth transition and sustained excellence, WEI reaffirmed its commitment to delivering tailored, responsive solutions that address the unique needs of its clients.

For businesses facing similar challenges, whether it's the departure of a key employee, the need for specialized skills, or scaling operations quickly, WEI’s staff augmentation services offer a proven pathway to stability and success.


Is your business facing critical staffing challenges? Do you need expert resources to fill gaps swiftly and efficiently? Partner with WEI for staff augmentation services that promise not just suitable candidates, but the right fit for your specific needs to ensure a winning team. Visit WEI’s Staff Augmentation Services to learn how we can help you maintain continuity, drive innovation, and achieve operational excellence, just as we have for this customer and so many others.

Discover the value of partnering with WEI and how we can transform challenges into successes, together.

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Greg Palmer

Written by Greg Palmer

Greg serves as WEI's Director of Technical Resourcing. A versatile, results-oriented senior leader with a strong record of success, Greg is an intellectually agile strategic planner with superior interpersonal skills capable of resolving multiple complex issues across all areas of the organization.

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