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Staff Augmentation And Apprenticeships Assist IT Teams With Staffing Gaps

  Patrick Gamble     Apr 26, 2023

Staff Augmentation Technical ApprenticeshipEnterprise IT teams are asked to do more with less, every day. Staffing for one part of the team may be sufficient while it lacks in another, which leaves IT leaders scrambling to fill critical talent gaps. Recruitment campaigns can be expensive and often leads to wasted interviews, further delaying progress. 

As a forward-thinking technology solutions provider, WEI stands ready to help with your IT staffing woes. Our scalable IT Staff Augmentation Services are designed to help IT leaders fill the talent gaps in the most critical areas, quickly. Our team has also recently launched a Technical Apprenticeship For Diverse Candidates service where IT leaders can hire and develop upcoming IT talent. Learn more about these two unique IT staffing resources in this article.

Can IT Staff Augmentation Help Achieve Digitalization Goals?


The answer is yes. There is stiff competition for hiring qualified IT talent who can meet your business objectives, which makes acquiring and retaining key individuals highly challenging. This struggle makes IT staff augmentation a necessary strategy. 

The increasing skills gap in IT makes the traditional approach of creating and filling full-time positions within an organization far too slow and reactionary. IT organizations are actively diminishing their reliance on an internal full-time workforce and are instead looking outside their own enterprise for team members who can help with technology selection, implementation, integration, maintenance, and support.

Think of IT staff augmentation as creating an on-demand workforce that quickly fills and scales personnel voids within your own enterprise. Why should you consider WEI's IT staff augmentation services? Here's a few reasons to consider:

  • Rapid transition capabilities; quick ramp up/down, with award winning transition methodology.
  • Deliver high-impact process improvements and advanced technology integration.
  • Stand-out recruiting capabilities; flexible, worldwide and targeted to client requirements.
  • Rigorous hiring standards with background checks to client specifications.
  • Direct hiring capability with flexible contract duration
  • The creation of a bridge to hire as you assemble a permanent team.

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A New Approach: Technical Apprenticeship


An apprenticeship is a somewhat newer approach that enterprises are using everyday to develop tomorrow's talent. Critical skill gaps for early career technical roles are often a deterrent for IT leaders searching for new talent. However, this recruiting challenge can be softened with WEI’s Technical Apprenticeship For Diverse Candidates.

Designed to close the skills and diversity gaps for early career technical roles, this program helps an enterprise as much as it does the apprentice. Offering qualified individuals with a formidable career pathway where you can develop and hire your future workforce not only gives your enterprise a retention advantage, but also builds a go-to talent pipeline for the years ahead. The pain points that our apprenticeship service solves for clients include:

  • Time consuming performance management for entry level talent
  • Profound diversity gap in technical functions
  • Expensive recruiting campaigns, wasted interviews
  • Shifting employee demographics
  • Low engagement and retention loyalty
  • Lack of upskill opportunities for existing workforce


Learn More About Our Apprenticeship Process

While we have had tremendous success helping our customers navigate emerging technologies and their evolving business challenges, we’re always looking toward the future. Our certified engineers are always learning to ensure we can do whatever it takes to see our customers succeed today, tomorrow, and the day after. Contact us today if you are interested in IT Staff Augmentation or Technical Apprenticeship For Diverse Candidates. 

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Patrick Gamble

Written by Patrick Gamble

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