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How AI Supports The Cybersecurity Needs of Your Enterprise

  Mike Thweatt     Mar 22, 2022

How AI Supports Cybersecurity Needs of Your EnterpriseVast amounts of cybersecurity incidents can quickly overload security teams in this day and age. Due to a marked increase in sophisticated cyberthreats, IT teams are struggling with alert fatigue, an accelerated threat landscape, and a shortage of skilled workers. This increase in cybersecurity threats has made it more important than ever to protect your organization’s sensitive data. Fortunately, the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can support the complex needs every modern enterprise has today.

How Artificial Intelligence Helps Prevent Cyberthreats

Artificial Intelligence is a widely used tool that is familiar to both IT leaders and the average consumer. It increases user efficiencies for everything from the vehicles we drive to the smart TVs in our living room. But did you know AI also offers a major assist in terms of cybersecurity? AI-powered products make it far easier to keep up with the large number of constantly evolving cyberthreats. Not only do AI tools assist in protecting your organization’s sensitive data, but they can also supplement your team’s human resources. This support can lead to more efficiency in your company, gaining a better defense from the ever-present threat of cyberattacks.

Leaders in cybersecurity services such as Fortinet provide AI-driven solutions that advance analytics to help reduce the risk of cyberattacks. These tools can also free up valuable time for your stretched IT security team, who may currently be wasting hundreds of hours per week trying to manually investigate a constant flow of cyber alerts. Fortunately, Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs are known for their “rapid delivery of actionable threat intelligence.” The use of these AI-powered products and solutions to support your enterprise will block more cyber threats in addition to detecting and responding to them sooner, letting you make the most of your security team’s resources.

Critical Success Factors of an Integrated Security StrategyIncorporating Artificial Intelligence Into Your Organization

Utilizing AI solutions in your organization is an essential way to fend off the accelerated threat landscape every modern business faces. According to Capgemini, “61% of organizations acknowledge that they will not be able to identify critical threats without AI.” As such, AI is changing the cybersecurity game.

Incorporating AI-driven solutions into your organization, such as Fortinet’s Security Fabric, will help reduce as many cyberthreats as possible. Businesses can apply AI in-house but partnering with an expert to employ AI-powered solutions can take your cybersecurity to the next level and enhance your business processes. AI technologies like machine learning provide rapid insights to help cut through the noise of daily alerts. This technology can help your team significantly reduce response times.

It's worth noting that cybercriminals can also flip AI to their benefit to steal as much company data as possible. Therefore, organizations need to fight back with even stronger AI tools to defend sensitive company information. Rather than manually responding to cyber threats, organizations should use AI to fight against this constant danger. This will save your IT team time and energy, giving them the chance to create more efficient security processes. Every enterprise should take advantage of the modern technology available to fight the battle of ongoing cyber threats.

Powered by FortiOS, Fortinet’s security fabric is a vital tool that can help support the complex needs of any modern enterprise. This strategic technology is a comprehensive, high-performing cybersecurity mesh platform that protects all your devices, data, and applications. It offers incredible versatility that is suitable for hybrid and multi-cloud architectures and supports strong security ecosystems.

Fortinet security fabric has three key attributes that help deliver top-notch cybersecurity to your enterprise. The security fabric is:

  1. Broad – Reduces risk through threat detection across all digital attack surfaces.

  2. Integrated – By closing the security gaps and reducing complexity, integrated security enables complete visibility.

  3. Automated – A self-healing network can respond faster when preventing security issues. This, along with more efficient operations, provides much-needed assistance to your IT team.

These essential qualities can enable digital innovation, providing your company AI-powered security that can expand to any edge. If you’re ready to keep pace with digital transformation and ensure that your business remains secure, Fortinet security fabric can help you meet those needs. Contact WEI today to start improving your cybersecurity efficiency and risk reduction.

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