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How AI-Driven SD-WAN Can Boost Retailers' Digital Transformation

  Greg LaBrie     Jun 20, 2023

Adopting AI and machine learning, next-gen SD-WAN can help retailers overcome various network challenges and achieve success through improved store scaling, real-time bandwidth availability, and in-store app performance.The retail industry has rapidly changed in recent years, embracing offline, online, and hybrid shopping as the new norm. Technology has thus become an essential factor in the success of retailers, which puts significant pressure on them to keep up with the latest tools and reconsider their approaches. To align their current infrastructure with the evolving landscape, retailers must focus on networking as a central aspect of their efforts. This entails an aggressive adoption of digital transformation through cloud computing and omnichannel retailing, modernization of inventory management, and implementation of advanced data loss prevention systems.

The Role Of SD-WAN In Retail Digital Transformation

To overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities for growth and innovation, retailers acknowledge the need to adapt their networks in response to the dynamic environment. This includes addressing issues such as:

  • In-store scaling challenges
  • Limitations in real-time bandwidth availability
  • Performance problems with in-store applications
  • WAN issues associated with the adoption of cloud-native and cloud-first architectures
  • Security breaches and PCI compliance guidelines
  • Point-of-sale network failures

Resolving these issues is crucial for enhanced customer experience, and retailers increasingly rely on their networks to deliver more value. With the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in recent years, it is no surprise that SD-WAN solutions are adopting these trends, highlighting the significant role AI will play in optimizing network performance and enhancing operational efficiency for retailers.

AI-driven SD-WAN: The Next Generation In Networking

As a result, a flexible and modern networking infrastructure like an AI-driven SD-WAN emerges as the ideal solution for the retail industry's digital transformation. Juniper cites three key benefits of next-generation SD-WAN solutions and what makes them an attractive choice for retailers to effectively meet the rapidly changing demands of  business operations:


The widespread adoption of SD-WAN has significantly impacted pricing, leading to increased competitiveness and affordability. Compared to traditional tunnel-based alternatives, next-generation SD-WAN offers a substantial price advantage. The combination of higher adoption rates, competitive pricing, and cost-effective solutions further enhances the value of SD-WAN for the retail sector. 

By leveraging intelligent routing, dynamic bandwidth allocation, and advanced algorithms powered by machine learning, SD-WAN optimizes network traffic. This level of automation eliminates the need for costly manual configurations and reduces operational expenses associated with outdated approaches.

As acknowledged by 58% of retailers, the cost savings delivered by AI-driven SD-WAN solutions make them an attractive investment for the retail industry, empowering stores to allocate their resources strategically and assign more funds to business growth and innovation.


With the proliferation of data sources and the subsequent rise in network vulnerabilities, retailers find themselves in dire need of robust network and data protection measures. Recognizing this pressing demand, modern SD-WAN solutions have ingeniously integrated comprehensive security capabilities, marking a significant leap forward in future-proofing retail networks.

Artificial intelligence embedded in these solutions proactively identifies and neutralizes potential threats, which preempts cyberattacks before they manifest. With AI-driven SD-WAN, retailers know their valuable data and network connections are shielded behind an impenetrable fortress. This allows them to focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional customer experiences through efficient business operations. 


It's no surprise that 81% of retailers worldwide have acknowledged the effectiveness of SD-WAN in deploying and scaling quickly. Not only does this technology offer cost-effective solutions, it also ensures that performance, reliability, and availability are not compromised. Retailers can confidently navigate the ever-increasing demands of the digital retail landscape and propel their businesses forward into a prosperous future by embracing AI-driven SD-WAN.

Final Thoughts

For the retail industry to keep up with changes in customers’ shopping experiences, retailers should consider adopting next-gen SD-WAN and carefully assess how it fits their network requirements and goals. This assessment, which WEI can provide, identifies specific needs and challenges, such as enhancing application performance, boosting security, or optimizing network costs. Once the decision to embrace SD-WAN is made, retailers should prioritize selecting a solution that seamlessly integrates with their current infrastructure and applications.

As a longtime solutions provider for fixed retail locations, WEI is committed to empowering retail businesses with dynamic and innovative systems that evolve alongside their operations. If you're unsure about adopting SD-WAN for your enterprise, it's advisable to consult WEI for a thorough network assessment and personalized guidance. Our recommended solution offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help retailers seamlessly deploy AI-driven SD-WAN, effectively navigating network integration and scalability.

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Greg LaBrie

Written by Greg LaBrie

Greg LaBrie has more than 20 years of network architecture and engineering experience designing networks that exceed technical requirements, improve operational proficiency and reduce total costs of ownership. Greg holds a number of technical certifications for HPE, Cisco, Fortinet, and much more.

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