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Enhance Enterprise Data Security And Protection With Modern Solutions

  Mark Hargreaves     Aug 09, 2022

WEI-Blog-Dell-Data-Security-Salem-NH.7.28.22Ensuring a strong defense against security breaches is an essential part of any modern business. Being responsible for important data like financial and medical records or other private information means you simply cannot ignore proper security protocols. Enterprise data security and protection is a crucial part of any company’s IT structure. Fortunately, there are simple yet powerful data storage solutions that guarantee data security and protection along with solid recoverability options.

The Importance Of Data Security And Protection

As organizations grow, more data is created across various environments. This growth can also lead to an expansion of threat landscapes. According to Forbes, the average number of cyberattacks and data breaches last year increased by 15.1% from 2020. Complexities in computing continue to grow and cybercriminals are seeking to exploit vulnerabilities, making data security and protection more important than ever. Any business can suffer from a data breach, so any assets used to enhance your business must remain confidential and secure.

Data security solutions can help IT leaders obtain increased visibility and insights to investigate and remediate cyber threats and provide protected storage for enterprise data to reduce risk. Implementing data security solutions helps add extra layers of data security and protection, which can go a long way in preventing unauthorized access to your company’s system. If you want to avoid data breaches, you may want to consider data security solutions such as PowerStore from Dell Technologies.

Dell PowerStore Overview

Dell PowerStore is a next-generation data storage solution with a focus on data-centric workloads, intelligent automation, adaptable infrastructure, and enhanced security. It helps consolidate storage and virtual server environments to ultimately optimize and protect modern workloads from core to edge to cloud.

The Dell PowerStore platform includes two major configurations including PowerStore T and PowerStore X. This data storage solution can scale up and out for rapidly changing environments. PowerStore is an adaptable solution that can enable speed and application mobility and offers flexible deployment.

Last, but not least, it provides data-in-place upgrades so your business can gain a modernized infrastructure without any downtime involved. This platform sets a new standard for data storage for its flexibility, performance, and ease of use.

Top 6 Reasons To Choose Dell PowerStore

Let’s dive into the primary reasons so many customers implement Dell Powerstore:

  1. Software-Driven Design

This software-first service is meant to work with diverse and distributed workloads. Dell can deliver new capabilities quicker since the PowerStore operation system is modular and agile.

  1. Adaptable Architecture

As mentioned earlier, this platform is designed to accommodate change by adapting physically and operationally to your business needs. The provided speed and application mobility can help this platform adjust to your strategy as you go and no matter where your data resides.

  1. Built-In Intelligence

With its incorporated AI and Machine Learning capabilities, Dell PowerStore simplifies management and optimizes system resources. Through a programmable infrastructure, it also helps monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot the environment for up to a 99% reduction in management effort.

  1. Predictive Analytics

Dell PowerStore works with its built-in AI to help you gather insights on multiple infrastructure categories such as servers, storage, networking, and cloud. PowerStore can also help with staff productivity, reduced risk, and forecasting future needs with its AIOPs application, CloudIQ.

  1. AppsOn

AppsOn is a PowerStore capability that allows customers to bring applications closer to storage by running them as virtual machines that run directly on PowerStore. Overall, it enables agility by allowing seamless movement between the PowerStore appliances and VMware ESXi servers.

  1. Advanced Data Protection And Security

Part of PowerStore’s capabilities include Data At Rest Encryption (D@RE) and Snapshots. These solutions ensure that enterprise data is protected from physical theft and substitute drive disposal processes. As Dell Technologies likes to say, cybersecurity is built into PowerStore’s DNA!

If you’d like to learn more top reasons why Dell PowerStore works for many businesses, click here.


Dell PowerStore is the fastest growing new architecture aimed at keeping businesses future-ready and data secure. Solutions like this can help ensure your IT team is fully prepared to prevent ransomware attacks as well as have the ability to recover from attacks quickly and effectively.

If your organization would like guidance on figuring out data security solutions, turn your questions into solutions and contact WEI today. Our experts can help you gain greater visibility and insight and remediate cyber threats.

Next Steps: Discover the importance of safeguarding your company’s data and why your enterprise should invest in data security solutions by downloading our tech brief, “Worthwhile Data Storage Starts With Data Security.

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Mark Hargreaves

Written by Mark Hargreaves

Mark Hargreaves is a Virtualization Engineer here at WEI. He holds numerous certifications from VMware, Cisco, and Microsoft, including the VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DCV). He brings expertise and experience with him that enables him to put his customers first when dealing with vCenter, vSAN, deployments, upgrades, and troubleshooting.

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