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Does Your Next-Generation Firewall Deliver Performance and Speed?

  Michael Thweatt     Jul 09, 2019

network security_lockNetworks continue to grow in both size and complexity. Enterprises need modern security solutions that better protect their network traffic. Many organizations are retiring their traditional firewalls to implement next-generation firewalls (NGFWs). NGFWs are able to inspect traffic at a much deeper and more detailed level than their predecessors. They can also detect hidden threats in encrypted traffic. This capability is especially important as encryption technologies continue to evolve and more and more traffic is encrypted. An NGFW is a vital component of your security arsenal, but not all NGFWs are created equal. An effective firewall provides robust security through a simple management platform while meeting the speed and performance needs of your enterprise.

Effective Security

Nearly three-quarters of network traffic is now encrypted through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology. However, cyberattacks often hide in SSL/TLS traffic. Studies estimate that up to 50% of attacks come from encrypted traffic. An effective NGFW thoroughly inspects encrypted traffic for malware and other threats. Your firewall solution should also provide end-to-end security throughout the network. Many NGFW tools and features already exist as standalone point products. While all of these products work well on their own, they are not designed to work together. An NGFW combines these separate solutions into an integrated system spanning the entire network. With network-wide security architecture, separate locations can share threat intelligence, resulting in fast, automated protection throughout the enterprise.

Proven Speed and Performance

While security is the primary goal of an NGFW, it should not come at the expense of network performance and speed. Modern enterprises need an NGFW that can keep up with their network traffic. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to verify the performance claims of NGFW vendors. Organizations should look for a firewall solution that has been tested by a reliable third-party. Determine what throughput speeds your business needs and choose an NGFW that has been proven to meet or exceed those speeds. A high-performing NGFW should be capable of effectively inspecting encrypted traffic without impeding network performance. Scalability is also a vital performance standard. Your NGFW should be able to scale as needed to continue providing fast, effective security even during network spikes.


Simple Management

Networks have become increasingly complex, but protecting them can be simple. A high-quality NGFW should offer a granular, high-visibility, single pane of glass security management. You should be able to view and manage security policies for your entire network from any location. Look for a firewall solution that also provides effective automation. Automated auditing and workflow capabilities ensure complete protection even with minimal security personnel.

Fortinet's Solution

Fortinet continues to provide best-in-class security and performance with their FortiGate-500E NGFW. FortiGate-500E has undergone extensive third-party testing through NSS Labs and recently received its sixth "Recommended" rating from the validation center. The most recent results highlight FortiGate-500E's robust security and high performance. In NSS's tests, Fortinet's NGFW:

  • Blocked 98.96% of exploits
  • Stopped all live exploits
  • Achieved 5.978Gbps throughput on combined traffic and 5.82Gbps on encrypted traffic
  • Effectively inspected 100% of encrypted traffic and detected hidden threats

FortiGate-500E provides complete network security with the Fortinet Security Fabric. This end-to-end security architecture enables shared threat intelligence throughout the network, increasing security for every part of the enterprise. Purpose-built security processors maximize scalability of advanced security features. The enterprise-level management system provides high-visibility and control of the entire network. Fortinet's streamlined, comprehensive NGFW solution is proven to offer a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and is designed to deliver an industry-best ROI. 

Effective security is a vital requirement of an NGFW, but speed and performance should not be overlooked. A best-in-class NGFW should enhance your network, not hinder it. Look for an NGFW solution that provides thorough, rapid inspections of all traffic. A quality firewall should have a proven record of recognizing and blocking threats, including those hiding in encrypted traffic. Your NGFW should be highly scalable for complete protection even during network spikes. The management platform should also be taken into consideration. Your firewall solution should simplify network security management, providing granular control and high-visibility. Invest in the future of your enterprise with a quality NGFW that offers a low TCO, high ROI, and best-in-class security and performance.

NEXT STEPS: Looking for insight on how to ‘up your security game’ to meet the needs of your organization’s digital transformation initiatives? We invite you to check out the Fortinet Solution Guide, What to Look for When Addressing Digital Transformation Security Requirements. Read it today!

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Michael Thweatt

Written by Michael Thweatt

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