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Shining A Light On Shadow IT: Strategies For Secure Innovation On AWS

By Keith Lafaso |   Jul 12, 2024

In the first installment of this extended part series, we explored the fundamentals of cloud governance and best practices for establishing a robust governance framework on AWS. We identified shadow IT, which is the use of unapproved cloud services by employees, as a key challenge. In this article, we'll dive deeper into strategies for managing shadow IT risks while fostering the agility and innovation the cloud enables. We will also focus on leveraging AWS services to improve visibility, automate policies, and provide secure self-service options.

Cybersecurity And The Geopolitical Landscape: What IT Security Leaders Need To Know

By Todd Humphreys |   Jul 11, 2024

Today’s interconnected world means cybersecurity is no longer a concern that is confined to just the realm of IT departments and tech companies. It has become a critical aspect of global geopolitics, influencing international relations, national security, and economic stability. For IT security leaders at medium and large enterprises, understanding the geopolitical implications of cybersecurity is an important component to developing a resilient cyber strategy.

Is The Private Cloud Environment Still Relevant In Today’s IT Landscape?

By David Fafel |   Jul 10, 2024

Despite the widespread benefits of public cloud computing, concerns around security, data protection, and data sovereignty are what lead 80% of businesses to adopt a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy, combining public and private cloud environments. Enterprise hybrid cloud approaches, while advantageous, introduce complexities – especially in geographically distributed management. Let’s explore challenges in private cloud management and proven effective solutions.

Enterprise Cybersecurity: The Five-Stage Approach To Server Security In The Zero-Trust Era

By Mark Hargreaves |   Jul 02, 2024

The enterprise cybersecurity landscape is currently undergoing a significant transformation. Server platforms are evolving into complex ecosystems with numerous components relying on firmware for configuration and orchestration. This complexity is further compounded by the exponential growth in data generation, both in speed and volume, which is often geographically dispersed, creating additional challenges for management and security.

Ensuring Security And Efficiency With Cloud

By Keith Lafaso |   Jun 27, 2024

As businesses increasingly migrate operations to the cloud, ensuring security and efficiency becomes paramount. Cloud governance provides a structured framework that allows organizations to manage cloud services and resources effectively while minimizing risks and maximizing benefits. In this first installment of our cloud governance blog series, we will explore the fundamentals of cloud governance, the importance of implementing a robust framework, and best practices to ensure security and operational efficiency, drawing on insights from my experience as the Principal Cloud Strategist at WEI.

These Four Key Elements Support Your IT Infrastructure Goals

By Fred McHugh |   Jun 25, 2024

Let’s face it: keeping up with data center demands can feel like a constant uphill battle. IT teams are under pressure to deliver top-notch performance, iron-clad security, and smooth operations – often on a downsized budget. Sound familiar?

Transforming Data Center Operations: Ensuring Security And Agility In The Digital Age

By Josh Cronin |   Jun 18, 2024

The digital ecosystem is booming with innovation, driven by a surge in applications and enterprise hybrid cloud adoption. From high-fidelity 10K video, real-time gaming, AI-powered automation, and IoT expansion, to immersive VR/AR experiences, businesses need agile and secure networks to support a number of cutting-edge applications. Additionally, the rise of 5G requires secure and adaptable network infrastructure.

Identifying the Ideal Hybrid Cloud Configuration for Your Enterprise

By Greg LaBrie |   Jun 13, 2024

In the era of digital transformation, enterprises are embracing sophisticated cloud strategies to enhance IT operations and ensure cyber resilience. This WEI blog article explores how businesses are leveraging a mix of public, private, and on-premises cloud models to revolutionize their IT infrastructure while also following best practices for cloud security.

Boost Productivity In The Hybrid Workforce With Modern SASE Solutions

By Mike Thweatt |   Jun 11, 2024

The modern workforce is no longer confined to the traditional office environment. The rise of remote work and cloud adoption has created a hybrid landscape where employees access data and applications from various locations and devices.

How To Ensure Your Data Center Network Delivers Your Business Goals

By Greg LaBrie |   Jun 04, 2024

The non-stop digital revolution demands agile and adaptable data center network infrastructures that seamlessly adjust to evolving business needs, accommodate unforeseen circumstances, support distributed architectures, and mitigate security threats continuously.

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