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Why We’re Excited About the New Morpheus v5.0 Release

  Fred McHugh     Oct 13, 2020

Morpheus-new-v5.0-blogMorpheus Data recently unveiled the next version of its hybrid cloud management platform. While already recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Management Platforms, this new release further cements its place on the list.

In addition to improving all the great day-2 functionality that comes built-in, Morpheus made improvements in some key areas of their hybrid cloud management platform. Improving the catalog view with personas is a big one. The ability to tailor a user’s view can really improve the experience. For example, you don’t want non-technical folks overwhelmed with too many options. This allows your team to customize the catalog to each user’s job.Bringing the invoicing feature to the UI is great as well. By incorporating budgets, invoices, and usage to a new menu directly in the UI that helps bring pricing and costs to the forefront allows for better decision making when deploying resources. This is in addition to the improvements made across the board in the UI and reports.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the exciting new features available in Morpheus v5.0.

What’s New In Morpheus v5.0

As part of the release, enterprises will have access to a persona-based ‘anything-as-a-service’ (XaaS) interface, which offers simple self-service IT to non-technical users. The cost analytics and reporting engine has also been updated, now including invoice data, cloud savings details, and cloud migration planning, which offers additional functionality to FinOps.

Codeless integrations, including a new ‘bare metal as-a-service’ option, have also been expanded.

Self-Service IT

By extending its award-winning platform through new interface options, Morpheus is empowering less technical user communities through self-service IT. These communities will now have access to a single, unified platform that can provide self-service IT needs across every user persona. This includes everything from simple one-click requests to more intricate needs such as infrastructure-as-code blueprints.

IT will appreciate that self-service can be easily extended to new user communities without custom programming. The new persona-based interface options fit within the existing Morpheus role-based access engine.

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Support For FinOps

Morpheus v5.0 provides FinOps with a single point of integration for public and private cloud utilization, as well as for cost data. A new Invoices Interface offers finance teams additional data and greater visibility across the entire enterprise. By combining it with the Morpheus policy engine and role-based access controls, customers are offered increased functionality and can export custom invoice views into other tools for additional analysis.

‘Bare Metal As-A-Service’

A modern enterprise needs the ability to bridge differing platforms consistently. As a 100 percent agnostic hybrid cloud application orchestration platform, Morpheus offers enterprises an effective way to manage vendor relationships with hardware OEMs, hypervisor companies and more.

Specific to the 5.0 release, Morpheus adds Canonical MaaS as a supported cloud type, expanding the list of supported bare metal hardware providers at the edge or in corporate data centers. Through this support, Morpheus customers have access to the industry’s largest array of private and public cloud support within a single automation platform.

Is Morpheus the right solution for your company?

Any company utilizing a hybrid cloud model (public cloud and on-prem infrastructure) is certainly familiar with the pains of managing different sets of infrastructure with different rules and procedures around them. Institutional knowledge about how to manage VMware vs. AWS can be difficult to obtain, and mistakes can be made quite easily when engineers go back and forth between providers. As a solution to this, Morpheus provides a unifying set of procedures that can eliminate these issues. 

Companies adopting DevOps best practices can also run into challenges with consolidating tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, and more. In the same way that Morpheus reduces the pain of managing multiple cloud providers, it also puts all of your automation tools in one central location. Users can integrate configuration management/IaC workflows into the provisioning process for any given cloud provider.

How do you know if you’re ready to adopt Morpheus?

While Morpheus would shine in a greenfield setting, this often isn't possible. Morpheus integrations into an existing environment are possible, however. Ultimately, Morpheus acts as a kind of swiss army knife―it can do many, many different things. Any evaluation of Morpheus should account for an organization's existing pain points. Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is the challenge we are trying to solve? 
  • Do you need to integrate a set of automation tools? 
  • Is there a certain type of deployment that needs to be repeated on a regular basis? 
  • Do you want additional monitoring of your infrastructure? 

Morpheus can do all of this, and much more. Once we have clear objectives to accomplish, a Morpheus demo can then be set up with WEI and the Morpheus team to address those specific questions.

NOW is the time! Learn more on the Morpheus v5.0 Webinar October 15!

To demonstrate the new capabilities of Morpheus v5.0 and share their vision of next gen hybrid cloud application orchestration, Morpheus is hosting a webinar on October 15, at 11:00am ET. To register for the webinar, please click here.

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Are You Interested In Morpheus v5.0?

Starting originally as an in-house agnostic application automation platform, Morpheus has now grown to serve some of the largest Fortune 1000 companies and service providers in the world. Offering CloudOps, DevOps, SecOps, and FinOps as a unified platform, Morpheus drives innovation and propels enterprises forward. We recommend checking out the webinar on October 15, and circle back with our team to kickoff a focused conversation and customized demo.



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Fred McHugh

Written by Fred McHugh

Fred McHugh designs and deploys virtualization and cloud solutions for WEI clients. As WEI’s Virtualization, Cloud, and Automation Practice Manager, Fred is one of our subject matter experts on vSphere, vRealize Automation suite, and NSX software defined networking. Fred’s certification include VCAP5-DCA (VMware advanced professional), VCP6-Cloud management and Automation, VCP6-Network Virtualization, Microsoft certified Solution expert-Server infrastructure 2012. Fred also holds a Masters in Computer Information Systems from Boston University.

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