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What WEI’s Microsoft MPO Authorization Means For You

  Greg LaBrie     Sep 20, 2023

Expert Azure Solutions Architect

As a value-added reseller (VAR), WEI relentlessly pursues avenues to enrich the solutions our customers opt for. Our enhanced value propositions encompass installation and ongoing support services, software and hardware integration processes, solution customization, and much more. Recently, WEI added another groundbreaking value add as we received authorization to facilitate Multiparty Private Offers (MPO) for Microsoft commercial marketplace customers who purchase eligible cloud solutions. For Microsoft Azure Marketplace customers who have unused Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) funds, any qualified software purchase through MPO will count toward filling their pre-committed cloud spend.

As of this writing, WEI is just one of a handful of VARs in the United States that has earned this authorization as it is an early adopter of the MPO program.

What Does This Mean For Our Customers?

In simplest terms, customers with a cloud consumption commitment to Microsoft could review and accept private offers within the marketplace. While this approach brought discounted pricing, it added inefficiency and complexity for organizations that valued the guidance and extended services of preferred partners such as WEI. Often, companies outside the IT field often lack the professional network to build meaningful relationships with more than a handful of solution providers.

With MPO, WE has the capability to directly procure independent software provider (ISV) solutions for customers and deliver these solutions in streamlined fashion. This eliminates multiple steps, offering a unified marketplace experience. Just like with private offers, customers' MPO acquisitions count toward their MACC. This commitment, which involves a predetermined spend with Microsoft, grants businesses access to more favorable pricing and terms.

WEI customers can source the diverse SaaS applications essential for their business goals to better realize their strategic spending objectives. WEI Azure specialists can guide developers and IT professionals to obtain the critical technical building blocks they are looking for, responsibly, to make the most of committed spend.

Accelerate Growth, Satisfy Pre-Committed Cloud Spend

What This Means For ISVs

For ISVs offering software to the Azure community, the MPO program provides a way to reach a greater number of customers and untapped markets by scaling through preferred partners such as WEI. Because WEI serves as a trusted advisor to our customers, we can quickly understand their needs and identify SaaS solutions that add value. Our customers are no different than any consumer shopper that wants their promised cashback from an enrolled cashback program, or the promised number of airline miles made through a loyalty card. With 100% of your purchase costs for eligible solutions contributing toward committed cloud spend, we can make sure you maximize as much of those pre-committed dollars.

Reasons To Consider Azure

The MPO program is a major step for Azure Marketplace, as WEI has witnessed the transformative impact of cloud migration firsthand. While WEI extends support to all prominent cloud services, including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, Azure is emerging as a popular choice. It is noteworthy that neither AWS nor Google are present within your datacenter, and with most enterprises currently operating in hybrid mode, Azure becomes a logical fit. Microsoft offers the flexibility of transferring select licenses and resources to save money. For those organizations that run Hyper-V, Azure is about the only game in town.

Financial Engineering Alongside Technology

Technology itself cannot fulfill all your business goals. A synergy between financial and technology engineering is essential to ensure the financial sustainability of your transformative cloud ventures. WEI recognizes the importance of bringing financial, IT, and DevOps leadership together to monitor and fine tune these practices in the long term.

Our seasoned Azure experts are well-versed in Azure's technological possibilities and also its financial dimensions. They are adept at facilitating your cost and financial management endeavors using Azure’s extensive accelerators, programs, and tools. As an early adopter of the MPO program and a certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert, WEI offers customers the luxury of choice, flexibility, and scalability.

Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate how enhanced choices and tailored preferences can benefit your business. Contact our team here to get started.

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Greg LaBrie

Written by Greg LaBrie

Greg LaBrie has more than 20 years of network architecture and engineering experience designing networks that exceed technical requirements, improve operational proficiency and reduce total costs of ownership. Greg holds a number of technical certifications for HPE, Cisco, Fortinet, and much more.

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