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The Right Mix for your Cloud Computing Strategy [Infographic]

  Kerry Cotter     Nov 10, 2015

When developing your cloud computing strategy, it’s important to understand what each solution offers, the use cases and the csot models. Creating the right mix of public and private cloud for your company can help you increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. WEI recently conducted joint research with VMware to find out how to best use cloud technology to drive your company toward desired business outcomes.

So what does this mean for businesses looking to enter into the world of cloud computing? Some key takeaways from the infographic are highlighted below, including:

  • Hybrid clouds can create up to 20 percent more IT efficiency
  • A mixture of public and private cloud models can enable companies to become more flexible
  • Hybrid clouds eliminate up to 50 percent of waste in the current infrastructure model
  • Using the cloud can satisfy business needs without having to make investments into new infrastructure

Make sure to check out the full infographic here for even more fascinating information and tips on getting the most out of the cloud. If you’d like to leverage these ideas in your own business, don’t hesitate to contact your team at WEI.




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Kerry Cotter

Written by Kerry Cotter

Kerry Cotter is the Digital Marketing Manager at WEI. Kerry has over 10 years of content marketing and digital marketing experience in the high tech industry. As a tech enthusiast herself, she focuses on the trends and new technologies impacting the enterprise—and works directly with our subject matter experts to deliver thought-provoking and insightful content to help our customers navigate the evolving IT world.

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