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The Internet of Things and Business Applications

  Kerry Cotter     Oct 13, 2015


The Internet of Things (IoT) may have been a far-fetched dream in the past, but it is quickly becoming revolutionary and lucrative in the present. Businesses, citizens and even governments are adopting IoT into their lifestyles by connecting devices and products together and controlling them remotely. The Internet of Things has almost limitless applications, from every aspect of business to healthcare, controlling the home environment and even growing plants.

The Internet of Things is Widespreadinternet-of-things.png

Only half a decade after consumers began to carry wireless cell phones for speaking with each other, our mundane devices like coffee pots and lighting fixtures now have the ability to communicate. Already more widespread than we realize, the IoT has the ability to connect almost any device to another for monitoring and collecting data, allowing users to remotely control their surroundings.

This has enormous business applications, from self-brewing coffee pots and smart thermostats, to complex management systems that learn and change based on human interactions and feedback.

Business Benefits from IoT Technology

The Internet of Things has the potential to revolutionize current business models by automating systems that currently cost time and money. No matter your business size, there is IoT technology available to help you.

Here are some of the many potential business applications of IoT:

  • Use wearable technology to track employees’ actions on the job
  • Monitor traffic and show available parking spots with parking lot cameras
  • Set employee schedules and lunch breaks
  • Control data entry and organize spreadsheets
  • Check the weather forecast and predict water usage with outdoor sprinkler systems
  • Manage online support tickets from customers

Potential Internet of Things Security Risks

Although IoT has the power to connect and control multiple devices in the home and office, leading to ease of use, there may also be security risks involved. Internet-enabled devices may have vulnerable software or security features, making them potential targets for hackers.

Due to their connected nature, this can allow unauthorized access from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Always choose manufacturers you trust and be sure to double check security settings, especially when using IoT capabilities at your business.

Since technology is quickly evolving, your approach should be as well. For assistance on how WEI can help impact your business’ IoT strategy, contact us today.

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Kerry Cotter

Written by Kerry Cotter

Kerry Cotter is the Digital Marketing Manager at WEI. Kerry has over 10 years of content marketing and digital marketing experience in the high tech industry. As a tech enthusiast herself, she focuses on the trends and new technologies impacting the enterprise—and works directly with our subject matter experts to deliver thought-provoking and insightful content to help our customers navigate the evolving IT world.

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