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How WEI’s Technical Apprenticeship Offering Has Proven To Enhance Operational Efficiency In The Insurance Sector

  Greg Palmer     May 07, 2024

How WEI’s Technical Apprenticeship Offering Has Proven To Enhance Operational Efficiency In The Insurance SectorFinding the right person for the job has always been a key objective, but in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape where technology underpins growth and innovation, attracting and retaining the right talent has become a critical strategic imperative. Some industries have been slower than others to adapt to the dynamic environment today.

One example is the insurance industry, which is traditionally perceived as overly conservative and slow to adopt technological innovations. Insurance companies, along with other industries, face significant challenges in attracting early-career technical professionals. This difficulty highlights a growing skills gap, exacerbated by the industry's urgent need to keep pace with swiftly advancing technologies and evolving consumer expectations.

WEI is taking leadership steps to address this gap. WEI's Technical Apprenticeship for Diverse Candidates presents a compelling solution, particularly for large insurance companies looking to revolutionize their approach to talent development. In this article, we explore the insurance industry as an ideal use case in leveraging WEI's apprenticeship program to address IT talent challenges. Let’s explore.

The Challenge: Attracting Technical Talent in the Insurance Industry

Large insurance companies recognize the critical importance of integrating innovative technologies into their operations to remain competitive. However, several factors hinder their ability to attract and develop the early-career technical talent necessary for this transformation:

  • Industry Perception: The insurance sector often battles against the perception of being less innovative, making it less attractive to tech-savvy early-career professionals.
  • Skill Gaps: Despite receiving education in tech-related fields, many early-career individuals lack proficiency in the specific technologies, languages, and methodologies that insurance companies use.
  • Mentorship and Development: Insufficient resources for adequately mentoring and developing early-career professionals can lead to disengagement and high turnover.
  • Educational Trends: The rising costs of traditional education paths have led many potential candidates to seek alternative routes into the tech industry, further widening the skills gap.
  • Soft Skills: The dynamic nature of today's work environments also requires strong interpersonal skills, which many early-career hires lack.


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WEI's Solution: Technical Apprenticeship for Diverse Candidates

WEI's Technical Apprenticeship for Diverse Candidates offers a holistic approach to solving these challenges, providing a blueprint for how insurance companies can effectively bridge the talent gap. In a recent insurance industry use case, a large WEI customer turned to the program’s proven key features in helping them fill its critical IT staffing vacancies. The following proficiencies in our experience and solutions made this possible:

  • Targeted Recruitment and Training: WEI specializes in recruiting, screening, and training early-career talent, focusing on those aspects most relevant to the insurance industry's needs. WEI does all the heavy lifting, while our clients get all the benefit.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: WEI has successfully tapped into talent pools from underserved demographic groups. By targeting these overlooked audiences, WEI enhances the diversity of the tech workforce and introduces a broader array of perspectives and ideas into the insurance sector.
  • Cutting-edge Technology Expertise: WEI provides its apprentices with hands-on experience in key practice areas such as data centers, networking, storage, and AI. This ensures that WEI apprentices are trained in the latest technologies and are skilled in support and problem-solving, thereby increasing their value to insurance companies.
  • Customized Training Programs: Tailor-made solutions crafted by WEI align with each company's unique technical stack and soft skill requirements, ensuring apprentices can contribute effectively upon completion of their training.
  • Flexible Immersion Options: Recognizing the diverse operational models of large insurance companies, WEI offers onsite, hybrid, or remote immersion options, facilitating seamless integration of apprentices into existing teams.
  • Opportunity for Permanent Employment: After a 12-month apprenticeship period, the insurance company has the option to hire the apprentice without incurring additional fees, providing a risk-free pathway to evaluate and secure top talent.

The Impact: Transforming Talent Development in Insurance

Implementing WEI's Technical Apprenticeship program has profound implications for the large insurance company in question:

  • Closing the Skills Gap: The program bridges the gap between the existing skills of early-career professionals and the specific needs of the insurance industry.
  • Reducing Turnover: Enhanced mentorship and a clear path for development foster greater engagement among apprentices and reduces turnover rates.
  • Driving Innovation: A diverse and technically proficient workforce brings together varied perspectives and skill sets that enhance greater creativity and problem-solving capabilities. By leveraging a diverse talent pool, insurance companies can be better equipped to drive innovation to introduce new products and services more rapidly.
  • Future-proofing the Workforce: By establishing a sustainable talent pipeline, the company ensures its workforce remains adaptable and capable of meeting future technological challenges.


For large insurance companies, achieving digital transformation and a sustained competitive edge requires overcoming traditional challenges in talent acquisition and development. Our Technical Apprenticeship for Diverse Candidates program offers a proven, innovative solution to these challenges, enabling companies to harness the potential of a diverse, skilled, and motivated workforce.

If you're facing similar challenges in attracting and developing technical talent, it's time to consider how WEI's apprenticeship program can transform your approach to talent development. Visit WEI's Technical Apprenticeship for Diverse Candidates web page to learn more about how we can help you build a workforce that's not just fit for today's challenges but is also equipped to tackle tomorrow's opportunities.

Join us in shaping the future of the insurance industry—one apprentice at a time.

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Greg Palmer

Written by Greg Palmer

Greg serves as WEI's Director of Technical Resourcing. A versatile, results-oriented senior leader with a strong record of success, Greg is an intellectually agile strategic planner with superior interpersonal skills capable of resolving multiple complex issues across all areas of the organization.

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