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How to Experience IT Resilience with Zerto

  Jay Cardin     Feb 21, 2019

Zerto-hybrid-itHow resilient is your organization from an IT perspective? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines resilience as, “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.” With the digital transformations of so many companies today, resiliency to change and disruption needs to be a priority. What does resilience mean for the enterprise today? It means having the ability to seamlessly adapt to change while enduring and responding to unplanned events such as:

  • User errors
  • Infrastructure failures
  • Ransomware and other malware attacks
  • Data extraction and compromise
  • Natural Disasters

It’s also about proceeding without work stoppages or unanticipated outcomes for planned events such as:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Cloud migrations
  • Datacenter Consolidation
  • Maintenance and system upgrades


IT resilience is about protecting your enterprise against any type of disruption, planned or unplanned, but disruption is unfortunately a common occurrence today. According to an IDC global white paper, nearly hall of all business have suffered an unrecoverable data event in the last 3 years. This is why attaining assured IT resiliency is so critical today.  You may be unfamiliar with this new catch phrase, but Zerto is a company that has been ahead of the curve when it comes to this new approach. Zerto is a leading provider of enterprise disaster recovery and IT resilience management software. Their Zerto IT Resilience Platform, driven by Zerto Virtual Replication, delivers disaster recovery, data protection and workload mobility for today’s enterprises. Enterprises today are complex structures that can include hybrid conglomerations of both on premise and multicloud architectures. It may even involve multiple datacenters. Whatever the scope and structural design of your enterprise, Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform can adapt to it because of its inherent agility and flexibility.

Zerto redefines the nature of backup strategies

It wasn’t that long ago that it was a 9-5 world. Your business served its customers during this business window and your backups kicked in sometime in the late hours of the evening and operated into the early morning. Of course, there are no standard hours of operations any longer. Today’s digitally connected world is 24/7, yet so many companies rely on their old backup system that accommodated 9-5. The fact is that you don’t have time to track down last night’s backup and you can’t risk losing data that was created minutes before a disrupting event. Backups today can no longer be periodic. They must be continuous and all inclusive. That’s why the Zerto platform is built on the foundation of continuous Data Protection (CDP) that is orchestrated and fully automated. Zerto converged data backup, disaster recovery, and cloud mobility solutions into a single scalable platform. Call it the evolution of the backup, but Zerto has taken the legacy approach to data preservation and taken it to the next level – resiliency.

Resiliency is about more than just restoring your data. You have to restore the customer experience, which means restoring the VM infrastructure, the applications, and the complex web of dependencies those applications are contingent on.  Data preservation alone isn’t enough without application consistency. All of this is made possible by Zerto Virtual Replication that continually replicates changes of mere seconds and in turn, can deliver Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) to minimize data loss and downtime.

A 3 Pillar Approach

Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform is supported by a 3 pillar approach.

  • Continuous Availability - It’s no longer about data backup. It’s about data protection and ensuring that the customer experience is preserved on a continual basis because for many organizations, there are no convenient off-peak hours anymore. Continuous availability is about mitigating risk in whatever shape or form.
  • Workload MobilityMobility today is empowering. In order to attain IT resiliency you must be able to scale your data protection processes on demand. You also must be able to ensure that employees and customers can access and move data as well as the applications that make it all possible. Data is mobile, and you must be able to protect it when in movement.
  • Multicloud Agility - If your data protection solution cannot adapt to multicloud hybrid IT environments, then it is basically antiquated. Zerto offers cross hypervisor replication, replication to public clouds, and the ability to conduct migrations quickly with minimal downtime, all through a centralized management interface. Zerto sets out to help maximize what the cloud can mean to your business.

The Extensive Coverage of Zerto

Zerto offers solution platforms for Oracle, SAP and SQL concerning data replication, offsite backup, and disaster recovery. Because its virtual replication solution is designed around minimizing data loss to a duration of seconds and recovery time to that of minutes, it is an exemplary solution for those in the finance, healthcare, or legal industries. In fact, more than 350 cloud service providers choose the Zerto IT Resilience Platform to power their DRaaS offerings. If your business is centered around mission critical applications, you need to consider Zerto in order to start your IT resilience journey.


Zerto opens the doors for Hybrid IT. Hybrid IT is about obtaining an unparalleled degree of elasticity in order to migrate applications at will amongst hosting structures (cloud and on-premises). This agility not only delivers infrastructure plasticity, but peace of mind as well by delivering on the ability to achieve near absolute levels of business continuity and disaster recovery. Zerto is a simplistic solution that ensures cloud continuity and flexibility for your company’s applications and services. Zerto may not be a name you are familiar with as of yet, but the solution it offers is one that you will embrace to be as essential as the cloud itself.

Next Steps: Download our white paper, “An Introduction to the New IT Approach Called Hybrid IT,” to learn more.


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Jay Cardin

Written by Jay Cardin

Jay Cardin is a Pre-Sales Solutions Architect here at WEI. His specialties include server virtualization, storage systems and backup and recovery systems. He collaborates with WEI sales executives and network engineers to develop the ideal custom solution for each client. WEI’s commitment to education continues with Jay as he conducts Veeam Backup and Recovery training workshops each quarter for WEI customers. Jay holds several certifications for Veeam, Microsoft, EMC, and VMware.

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