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Discover the Self-Driving Network That Juniper Mist Delivers

  Greg LaBrie     Mar 17, 2022

Discover the Self-Driving Network That Juniper Mist DeliversJust as the AI-driven app on your smartphone navigates you to a new destination, IT leaders also believe there should be an AI-driven app that assists with managing a self-driving network. Well, turns out there is such an app available for that, and it is called Mist AI from Juniper, a recognized leader in AI for IT operations (AIOps).

Mist AI utilizes AI and machine learning (ML) to automate many of the meticulous tasks that are traditionally performed manually by network administrators. It goes one step further than automation, however, because it is also driven by the intelligence that allows it to proactively address network issues before they arise. It doesn’t take long to draw the similarities between Mist AI and the smartphone you are using to read this blog article:

  • Just as a navigation app offers you the visibility to see accidents and traffic delays ahead of you, Mist AI provides insights into your network operations throughout your entire hybrid IT estate. Mist alerts you of potential problems and bottlenecks before they result in network outages.


  • Like your smartphone, Juniper Mist maps your network traffic using the most efficient route to help ensure optimized workload performance.


  • In similar fashion to your navigation app, Juniper Mist AI utilizes natural language processing (NLP) that includes a conversational interface along with prescriptive actions.

In other words, the same empowering intelligence that you depend on to maximize your driving experience is now available to IT leaders to help improve the experience of network devices, operators, and end users. In fact, you can even use the Marvis Android app to obtain a client-level view of your network.

Full Visibility for the Road Ahead

While there are similarities between the two, Juniper Mist AI goes much deeper than event notifications and problem alerts. It offers root cause analysis of a problem so that you can properly eradicate it in efficient fashion. As a result, this eliminates having to surf through endless logs trying to identify the hidden clue to a persistent issue that plagues the network. Causal relationships are identified, saving countless hours for your IT support staff.

Imagine having a cloud service for your enterprise that integrates with all wired and wireless network infrastructure devices. This would give you increased visibility and manageability of your switches, IoT devices, and wireless access points. Juniper switches, such as the EX4400 Ethernet Switch, are cloud-ready and can be managed exclusively through the Juniper Mist portal. This simplifies the onboarding and configuration processes. This type of cloud-based management system is imperative for today’s complex networks that incorporate hybrid architectures and accommodate remote work strategies.

More Than Just Visibility

The complexity that hybrid architectures and remote work strategies have added to enterprises today have created other challenges other than visibility. Controller-based monolithic management systems cannot accommodate the expansive number of workspaces found in today’s networks. Fortunately, AIOps is about more than just visibility, anomaly detection and intelligent alerting – it also provides the automatic remediation of security or IT service problems. No more calling in personnel for a problem that has been identified during off-hours – Mist AI displaces your dependency on manual troubleshooting tasks, resulting in a network that is more predictable and features measurable network performance gains.

Take Network Performance to the Next Level

IT leaders used to measure network performance by its percentage of uptime, but those metrics have exceeded far beyond just connectivity. Just as drivers today won’t tolerate sluggish performance when it comes to their automobile, end users today are no longer tolerant to computing latency. You need a network that is optimized with AIOps to enhance the user experience. According to Juniper, there are three types of dramatic results you can witness in a self-driving network driven by AIOps:

  • A reduction in IT support tickets by over 90%
  • The ability to configure 500 sites in less than 5 minutes
  • A reduction in technical staff visits to branch locations by 85%

Today, network performance is no longer based on just uptime. It is about network-driven performance. The success of a network is only measured by the satisfaction of its users.

Interact With Marvis

One might incorrectly assume that such an all-encompassing management service driven by ML analytics would require a highly technical command line or scripting interface. Instead, it’s as easy as talking to Marvis, the industry’s first virtual network assistant. In the same way that consumers are growing accustomed to verbally interacting with Alexa or Siri, Marvis silently drives Mist AI in the background. Marvis understands simple questions and addresses them with from years of enterprise troubleshooting experience. IT staff members can query Marvis without prior knowledge of the management dashboard because Marvis reacts to verbalized intentions, not CLI commands.

Marvis can quickly become an extension of your IT team, augmenting their capabilities by taking over repetitive and routine tasks, allowing your IT staff to focus on more value-driven activities. Marvis gathers data from across the enterprise spectrum to provide client-to-cloud insights regarding baselining and anomaly detection. Marvis empowerment is transforming how IT teams engage with the enterprise today.



Gone are the days of relying on your coffee-stained road map to get you from A to B with no real indication of required drive time. The infusion of AI at the consumer level has changed the way we lead our lives and the smartphone apps we rely on. Thanks to AIOps, the approach to how IT leaders manage their networks has also changed. Self-driving networks are here to stay, as we continue to witness its unquestioned benefits. It is time for your IT team to discover how AIOps can transform your company with the self-driving network experience as well.

NEXT STEPS: To better understand why AI should be the next step in your digital transformation journey, download and read our new white paper, “AI-Driven Enterprise: The Next Objective of Your Digital Transformation.” It uncovers:

  • Network operational benefits
  • Where IT leaders stand after incremental implementation of AIOps
  • Business areas where AI flourishes

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Greg LaBrie

Written by Greg LaBrie

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