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Creative IT Solutions for Business is the Future of Tech

  Shane Garrett     Apr 19, 2016

IDC Chief Analyst Frank Gens has hailed the adoption of “3rd Platform” technologies of cloud, mobile, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) as the key trends shaping the future of IT. IDC predicts one-third of all IT spending and 100% of IT growth in 2015 will be based on these tent poles.

creative-IT-solutions.jpgThese are all disruptive technologies. Cloud makes IT look more like a service. Big Data has created an avalanche of new information sources and types, and companies want to store it all – forever. Mobility has changed the way we interact with the entire world, and the nascent Internet of Things will change the way the world interacts with us.

The 3rd Platform also brings disruption to all the workflows that define how business is conducted. Virtually every process now needs to be connected to other processes or data sources, and information that we use to drive decision-making can come from anywhere – internal databases, social media sentiment, clickstreams, and industry trend data purchased from outside sources. Perhaps the greatest change is in the way we interact with each other, as a generation of workers raised on technology eschew email and phone calls for instant messaging, social media, and other, newer collaboration platforms.

Disrupt, or be disrupted.

Fortunately, these technologies also do much of the heavy lifting to achieve these changes. Virtualization, DevOps and software-defined servers, storage, and networking deliver the underpinnings of these new workflows, enabling business and IT to focus on creative problem solving. By utilizing tools like Big Data analytics, business units like marketing and sales can ask big questions such as “which products should we focus on next quarter” and “how is our competition evolving” and get answers based on real-world data without regard to where it came from or how it was acquired.

Thomas Edison said genius was one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration, but today’s 3rd Platform technologies tip the scales in favor of inspiration by automating and orchestrating much of the “perspiration” – the routine IT infrastructure management that otherwise would consume much of IT’s resources.

What’s left? Creative IT solutions to business problem born from inspired minds. If business leaders don’t have to worry about how to connect users, customers, applications and devices, they can focus their energies on honing business processes that eliminate waste, foster productivity, and reduce bottom line expenditures. And as newer data sources and more informed customers come to the forefront, solutions to business problems are no longer anchored in assumptions or experimentation; they come in the form of forward-thinking ideas developed out of collaboration, data, and analysis. When the technology within the business has disappearing limits, the ideas and solutions that form the backbone of business strategy should be equally unfettered.

For most organizations this is a radical change in how systems are developed, primarily shifting from reactive systems to proactive systems and eventually to predictive systems that deliver a true competitive advantage.

What's your strategy?

Although most enterprises understand the value of creative problem solving, they are not prepared to deliver the applications and customized IT solutions that achieve those goals. Operationalizing new, more creative business processes often requires the assistance of partners who specialize in turning those visions into real world solutions.

If your organization is ready to embrace the 3rd Platform and move from reactive to creative IT solutions, WEI is here to help. We are a technology solutions provider that is passionate about solving problems and helping drive your desired business outcomes. WEI believes in challenging the status quo and thinking differently to provide the most innovative solutions for customers. Our expert staff excels with 3rd Platform technology and will assist with every step from assessment to execution.

At WEI, our staff and resources are second to none. Our individualized approach lets you test the waters with any new tech before diving headlong into it, minimizing your risk and giving you greater chances of success. Our Demo Lab houses more than a million dollars worth of cutting-edge technology to help you explore and narrow down your needs while our Proof of Concept Lab transforms ideas into realities by ensuring your plans are fool-proof before you invest. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

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Shane Garrett

Written by Shane Garrett

Shane Garrett is Vice President of Sales at WEI. As a seasoned IT sales executive, Shane drives the strategic direction for account management, business development and marketing at WEI. His experience in cloud computing and IT automation solutions and services coupled with his ability to build customer-centric sales teams has been a key aspect of his success at WEI. Shane has been with the company for over 13 years and takes pride in developing long lasting client relationships built on trust.

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