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Cloud Readiness Assessment: 4 Steps to Success

  Mark Gabryjelski     Sep 22, 2015


As you consider moving some of your business activities to the cloud, it’s important to assess your cloud-readiness.pngcompany’s needs to determine if you are ready to do so. While there are many steps to a cloud readiness checklist, there are several key components to start with. No matter which model you choose (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS), the steps to implementation are similar. Here are four considerations to get your company ready.

4 Steps to Cloud Readiness

  1. 1. Determine Your Cloud Strategy. Ask yourself if a private, public or hybrid cloud would be most beneficial to your company. Hybrid clouds offer the benefit of mitigated security risks, because not all business activities are hosted on a shared server. Meeting with your team at WEI can help you assess a customized strategy perfect for your needs.
  2. 2. Consider Costs. Cloud computing may save your company money, but the pay-as-you-go model can accrue steep fees that should be budgeted for before choosing a service provider. Establishing a good relationship with your provider can be one of the easiest ways to avoid overpaying and to help you fully understand the services they will offer. Some costs that may take you by surprise include data storage, networking or ordering replacement equipment.
  3. 3. Prioritize. Create a priority list of infrastructure and systems you’ll be moving to the cloud, since it can complicate your company activities to move everything at once. To ensure business continuity, move the most important core processes first, followed by day-to-day programs like email and scheduling systems.
  4. 4. Avoid Developing or Implementing New Systems During the Transition. Try not to plan new projects or make internal changes during the time you’re transitioning activities to the cloud. It’s best to tackle this one step at a time and adding new systems could complicate the move. Create a schedule for the transition and tackle it in portions; hold off on all changes until you’re fully integrated with the cloud.

Strategizing your implementation by consulting with an expert can help you be prepared before making big transitions. For assistance in assessing your company’s cloud readiness, contact your team at WEI today.

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Mark Gabryjelski

Written by Mark Gabryjelski

Mark Gabryjelski, VCDX #23, leads up the Virtualization Practice here at WEI where he identifies, validates, and introduces new technologies that our customers can use to simplify and control their data center operations. Mark works with clients across all industries in the design, implementation and support of solutions that enable our customers’ consumption of virtualization technologies. Mark is an author and also conducts several of the customer training sessions in the WEI Knowledge Transfer Center (KTC).

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