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Automate Your Yankee Swap Gift Exchange Plans With Cortex XSOAR

  Shawn Murphy     Dec 20, 2023

Yankee Swap Gift Exchange PlaybookOn behalf of the entire team at WEI, we want to wish you a happy and joyful holiday season. We hope you can enjoy this special time of year with friends, family, and loved ones! And as wonderful and exciting this time of year can be, our team also understands that it requires time and energy to execute memorable holiday gatherings. Being who we are, we developed a solution. In this case, it is automating plans for your traditional Yankee swap gift exchange.


As we have recently documented, SOAR tools enable Security Operations teams to effectively accelerate and scale limited staff to address modern threats. But they can also be applied to more mundane tasks…such as organizing a Yankee swap gift exchange. Relieve Uncle Frank from the burden of pulling names out of a dusty hat and sending dozens of emails or text messages with the Yankee Swap Content Pack, provided by WEI.

Playbook Description

To start a new Yankee swap event, the organizer simply specifies the event date, registration deadline, dollar value limit, and date/time of the festivities. The playbook prompts the organizer for a .CSV file housing participant names and email, and then it automatically handles the rest of the process. First, the playbook sends individualized emails to each participant requesting registration and some gift ideas for themselves to aid their secret Yankee swap partner. As the registration deadline approaches, the system sends automatic reminders before cutting off registration and randomly pairing participants. Each participant is emailed their Yankee swap partner and their gift ideas. As the date approaches, reminders are sent along with the date/time.

Drumroll please...

Yankee Swap

Yankee Swap 2

Yankee Swap 3

Happy holidays from everyone at WEI! 

Shawn Murphy

Written by Shawn Murphy

Shawn has over a decade of experience in cybersecurity ranging from incident response and threat hunting to threat intelligence and automation. He is passionate about applying analytics and automation to modernize security operations. Shawn holds numerous industry certifications in incident handling, detection engineering and automation, and has experience deploying, tuning, and managing a wide array of products (e.g., EDR, SIEM, NTA, ASM, SOAR). As a cybersecurity solutions architect at WEI, Shawn consults on Security Operations Center (SOC) projects that involve simplifying security architecture while improving outcomes.

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